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  1. Now that’s a Betsy who looks like she’s not picking her butt-floss between fight scenes. She still looks confident, capable, and not someone I’d want to mess with.

  2. Gorgeous. I like that it’s incredibly functional, like you said, but also really sexy without showing any skin. I love the laces on the sleeves and the shoes.

    The purple nail polish (and short nails!) is a nice touch, too.

  3. i love all the subtle Xs! always nice to see a design on here that’s both different & superior to what there currently is. would not mind seeing this in the comic at all.

  4. I find it amazing that the Xs double as butterflies. really. love the design but marvel would only go for it if there was 80% costume on her, some how. i feel like this needs her red sache-thing though. i dunno.

  5. I like it! It’s simple and it has just enough high fashion style to it. Betty was a model before became an X-(wo)man afterall. Love the asymetrical X on the torso. Very clever.

  6. I love it. Whenever I think of characters who desperately need a redesign, Psylocke is always at the very top of my list. She, more than almost anyone else, is consistently cursed with the dreaded ‘8os thong-butt. I’m glad you ditched the red sash, this is such a streamlined, clean uniform I think that would have thrown the balance off. It’s nice that you were able to keep that clean look and still give a nod to the asymmetry she frequently rocks, but I would have also liked to see some reference to her leg bands, maybe as subtle seams or small padded bands on one (or both) of the legs.

  7. Ron – Yes, it’s a hood.

    Adam – Yep, It always struck me that Betsy should be stylish, given her previous career.

    Thanks, everyone!

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  9. Love it. I’m one of those people who think the X-Men work best in uniforms, and this could work great as the basis for one (each member using their own spot color and flourishes, of course).

  10. The more I look at this, the more I’m struck by how cool the footwear is ALONE. Love the overall look.

    And I’m on James W side, the X-Men should have uniforms, not costumes. I’d love to see different versions of this style for other mutants.

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