Oliver Nome’s Wonder Woman

Note: With DC’s recent redesign and a TV show in the wings, Wonder Woman has been on the minds of many people, including artist Oliver Nome. He’s worked up several designs for Wonder Woman, but this one stands out as the best of the bunch, a very athletic (but still regal!) design that really sings. – Chris Arrant

Oliver Nome

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  1. head and shoulders, way way way above the current design. manages to be less churlishly revealing while still remaining feminine. i’d probably thin the blue stripe on the boots to a) better call back the original red boots, and b) tone back the vibe from ‘dominatirix’ to merely ’empowered’.

    just love it.

  2. This is really hot, man. I really likes it. My one complaint is that as much as WW does athletically, why give her high heels? The boots I feel could have had some kind of sneaker-like sole or some kind of funky tread that would match the uni to add to her athletic prowess, no? Other than that, DC should buy this redesign off of Oliver and run it. :)

  3. This design gets to the core of what Wonder Woman is all about. She’s a creation of the gods and so she needs to maintain that sense of regalia. Jim Lee’s redesign, while not an utter failure has brought the costume to a street level. In other words, it’s too “black canary”. What Oliver Nome has done is to take the Wonder Woman costume and fix many of the impracticalities (which is what Jim Lee set out to do), but Nome has retained the elements that make her a Wonder and not just a kick-ass Woman.

    I’ll preface this by saying that I think the only improvement I could suggest for Nome’s deasign is to opt for a more practical foot-piece over high heels, even though they do look foxy.

    On the whole, Nome’s costume seems wearable. The previous design always made me ponder a few things, like how much it must hurt to wear the bracelets. Nome solves this with the cloth gloves that hold them on.

    Also, the previous design made me wonder how such a heavy breastplate with no straps can stay put during an acrobatic fight. It was a recipe for slippage. Nome solves the problem by connecting the eagle’s head from the breastplate to her neck piece.

    The previous design used the headband more or less as a tiara, for aesthetic purposes and for no other practical purpose. Nome makes the headband into a useful piece of armor without detracting too much from Diana’s lovely face.

    His design carries through the color scheme we all know and love; patriotic without making it a direct reference to the United States flag like the previous design, and without losing it entirely like Jim Lee’s design. The emphasis on the gold elements makes Nome’s design just gorgeous and plays up Diana’s bronzed Grecian skin tone.

    I absolutely love this design and hope that it appears at some point on some version of Wonder Woman. Movie perhaps?

  4. That is fantastic! One of the best WW redesigns I’ve seen. Love how the breastplate is connected to the collar. The whole thing just pops!!

  5. I lvoe this design. The strong dark blue elements are different and new, and she looks tough and feminine. I’d lose the heels, though.

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