Bill Walko’s Future Foundation Lyja

Note: Frequent P:R contributor Bill Walko sent us this Future Foundation-style FF uniform for Johnny Storm’s old flame (see what I did there) the shapeshifting Skrull, Lyja! Bill rechristens her, “Lyja, the Firefist!” – Dean Trippe

Here are some thoughts from Bill on how to get this redesign into Jonathan Hickman’s FF storyline:

When the Skrulls sought revenge on the Fantastic Four, they hired one of their shape-shifting brethren to infiltrate the famed super-team. But in posing as Alicia Masters, Lyja actually fell in love with the Human Torch. After a rocky romantic relationship. Lyja and her super-powered “laser fist” faded into comic book obscurity.

But with the death of the Human Torch (don’t worry, he’ll be back), The Fantastic Four was forced to change its team dynamic.  Now, “FF” stands for “Future Foundation.” With that, I nominate Lyja to replaced her beloved Jonny Storm on the all-new FF.

Just think, she could alter her laser fist into a “fire fist” to honor the Torch, while redeeming her misdeeds. Add the complication of a duplicitous Skrull joining a respected super-hero team on the heels of a massive invasion attempt, and you’ve got comic book drama to spare. Think about it, Marvel… Lyja the FireFist would make a fab addition to the new FF!

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  1. As a side note, Lyja is already a member of the Fantastic Five in the MC-2 universe, along with her husband Johnny. :) I loved that concept! :)

  2. @Tbolt. Not really. Spidey and Johnny have been friends and rivals for years, and it was even a running joke that involved Spider-man trying out for the FF very early in his career. This even led to the hilarious (and incredibly awesome) Bagman costume. Besides, Peter is pretty cluey when it comes to science.

  3. Was bagman not the result of Spider-Man losing the symbiote to mr fantastics sonic blaster leaving him naked and having to borrow a costume and “Mask” russled up by the torch?

    regardless love the art.

    “kick me”

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