Dennis Culver’s Batman, Inc.

Note: P:R Pal Dennis Culver has wrapped up his impressive Batman, Inc. collection, in which he depicted various DC characters, in and out of the usual Bat-Family, as members of Bruce Wayne’s new Batman, Inc. project. Here’s the full roster! – Dean Trippe

UPDATE: Head over to Comics Alliance for some excellent commentary on Dennis’s roster by our pal Chris Sims! – D.T.

Head over to Dennis Culver‘s blog for a link to gigantic version of the full image! Here’s the guide:

Row 1: Cassandra Cain as Nightwint, Red Robin, Bruce Wayne as Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Dick Grayson as Batman
Row 2: Jason Bard, Onyx, Huntress, Oracle, Black Canary, Flamebird, Batwoman
Row 3: Night Runner, Captain Batarang, Batman Japan, The Hood, Acro-Bat
Row 4: Steel, Aztec, Wally West, Bat Barda, Zauriel
Row 5: Connor Hawke, Bobo Benetti, Sam Simeon, Angel O’Dare, Arrowette, Tawky Tawny
Row 6: El Gaucho, The Musketeer, Knight, Squire, Raven Red, Man of Bats, Dark Ranger
Row 7: Metamorpho, Halo, Thunder, Grace Choi, Black Lightning Geoforce, Owlman, The Creeper, Katana

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