10 comments to “Josh Gowdy’s Gambit”
  1. I usually think that gambit without a coat (or the head non-mask thing he wears) isn’t gambit at all but frankly, this design FEELS like gambit. hard to explain but it has all the elements necessary for me to think “gambit”.

    must the violet. (love me some violet.)

  2. I love the poker chip, excellent tip of the hat to the name and a brilliant variation from the everpresent playing cards.

    Unfortunately, I think the striped shirt makes him look a bit like The Mutant Master of Mime.

  3. holy cow! this is a really great, inspired take on gambit! i love all the thought put into it while still maintaining his black/pink color scheme. the colors actually work here, and the outfit feels modern. poker chip is a fun twist too. really really cool.

    (super well drawn too)

  4. I usually see Gambit and just groan (loved his design when he debuted, but it’s grown painfully tired these last couple of decades). Josh managed to make Gambit look cool again.

  5. I love this take on Gambit… a lot of loose-fitting elements, but hey don’t compete or muddle the overall silhouette. Awesome!

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