9 comments to “Jemma Salume’s Wonder Girl”
  1. Geez, is there even anything left to say about Jemma’s redesigns? She is brilliant, and absolutely every decision she makes is spot-on in-character and utterly gorgeous. A refrain here at P:R is “Such-and-Such Incorporated should hire this person right now!” But, seriously, SERIOUSLY, DC should hire Jemma as their in-house haberdasher.

    And freckles! So perfect!

  2. Where can I buy those boots because I needed to have them like YESTERDAY.

    I suddenly want this Cassie to show up on the Young Justice cartoon.

  3. Not one of Cassie’s costumes have been any good. Boot cut jeans and mid riff spandex? Oy vey DC.
    This is a lightyear away from that. It reminds me of Donna Troy’s earliest costume, but with a terrific W neckline. It’s young and flirty but still role model appropriate and won’t date itself very quickly. One question though: forest green tights?

  4. It’s cool to see a superhero, especially a superheroine, in a loose fitting costume for a change. And the simplicity of the design is great too, it wouldn’t look out of place in a history book, which is a good thing with a character of this nature.

  5. I especially like that expression on her face. That just says, “I’m here to kick butt and chew bubble gum, and, sorry boys, but I’m all out of bubble gum!”

  6. The boots look like they’d fall off when she breaks into a run, but other than that, this is a very appealing costume for a young superheroine, and I think it definitely says “Wonder Girl.”

  7. It feels more medieval than ancient Greek, which isn’t a bad thing. The short hair also tells a story with the loose, curve diminishing tunic and all the personality in her face and pose, like she was pretending to be male so she could be a warrior before something happened, dumping her in the present. I want to hear the story about how this medieval waif was chosen to be Diana’s protege

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