Daniel Krall’s Lois Lane, Girl Reporter Designs

Note: Over at my Tumblr blog, today, I posted the character designs and notes from Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, an illustrated young adult novel series pitch Daniel Krall and I worked on for DC a few years ago. You can read my thoughts on it, and see some additional character designs by Rooftop Rockstars Jemma Salume and Ming Doyle at the original post. Here, though, are what I can only describe as Daniel’s perfect designs for the series. Hope you like them. – Dean Trippe

Lois Lane, age 11

Clark Kent, age 12

Bruce Wayne, age 13, and Alfred Pennyworth

Lois Lane, Girl Reporter

16 comments to “Daniel Krall’s Lois Lane, Girl Reporter Designs”
  1. Nice drawings, though I think the characters look considerably older than they’re supposed to be. I get that the boys are big and athletic, but they still look overgrown to me.

  2. I would buy this. I… NEED to buy this! This is what comics/DC needs. So, so incredibly well-done!


    Couldn’t be more angry that this isn’t an announcement for a forthcoming book rather than a ‘what might have been’ piece. Would have been more likely to pick it up as a digest format trade than an illustrated novel, but the idea itself is brilliant, as are the designs.

    Godammit DC, first Ben Caldwell’s WW pitch and now this! I refuse to believe it wouldn’t sell in a world where 20 issues of Spider-Man loves Mary Jane exist.

  4. Everything Daniel draws is gorgeous and flawless as a rule, and here he’s drawing for a genius idea… High fives all around, gentlemen.

  5. There’s a rumor they’ll be a Wednesday Comics 2. I’d love to Lois Lane, Girl Reporter get featured there. Sounds like it would be a wonderful story and DC should try to make every effort to make it work in some format.

  6. I just read this. I think it would have been a really fun series. I think you should consideri reworking the concept slightly, and then writing this as a series with original characters.

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