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  1. Excellent!!! All of them, but especially Iron Man and Thor!

    You guys have done lots of DC. I would love to see you have another Marvel contest; it’s just been too long. (An X-Men P:R Invitational would be simply incredible. Fantastic! Amazing even!! Not uncanny though. I wouldn’t go that far.)

  2. This. This is amazing. It adds a consistent Yoji Shinkawa to everyone’s costume. Almost like Stark decided to outfit the team.
    The one I want to see more of is Ares. That character deserves a better look than his Olympic Punisher. Draw more Ares Kris!

  3. Amazing designs and amazing artwork. The one question I have is why did you include Crystal, but cut her hair short? That odd marking on her hair, which always resembled the marking’s on a cobra’s hood, has always been Crystal’s strongest visual trademark.

  4. I love the circle motif that tie Cap, Iron Man and Thor together. It’s a clever way to give them rank insignias indicating they’re head honchos without making it a team uniform.

    Also, I second Rob. While I read almost all DC, I’d love to see some more Marvel redesigns. In fact, I picked up FF #1 only because I thought those new uniforms looked cool. Specifically, I’d love to see a Spidey redesign contest.

  5. Astounding stuff! The illustration proper is amazing and the designs are stellar! Love the small details that tie Tony, Bucky and Thor’s costume.

  6. thanks everyone, glad everyone likes them! it was so much fun to do em.

    daniel – yeah definitely on the yoji influence. and you nailed it on the stark point. definitely my idea was that stark would design the team suits to help unify them. the major thing i always felt the avengers lacked was a sense of family. it felt like a rotating door on whoever was around to help. thats always something i envied about about the jla was that the felt like a team first, then solo heroes on the side. i tried to implement that more with my team, and sort of a design through-line was a small attempt at it

    chris – no i kept the markings, these are just bad angles. im definitely keeping it in. and i cut the hair so theres a visual difference amongst the girls. i didnt want two blondes with long hair.

    rolando – i never even noticed that about the circles haha. a good fluke i say! haha

  7. WOW. These are beautiful, and I love the art style. Thor is my favourite – it somehow pulls off the Viking look and the alien look all at once.

  8. Kris- Tony Stark should totally be the Avengers “Q”. Anyone who joins the team gets a Stark tech class upgrade. Keep er going, I’d love to see Black Panther and The Vision. Hell, I’d be stoked to see even D-Man if he was designed this well.

  9. One reason this succeeds so well for me is that this is an extremely solid line-up for an Avengers team, arguably better than the line-ups currently being published. I especially love Cap without the face mask. It really helps to differentiate James from Steve.

  10. Awesome designs (and line-up)! Nothing radically different except for Crystal and Ares, but loving the small alterations and sharp additions to old and modern classics.

  11. SICK!!! I love the look, and the art. I also like how he’s brought Crystal back and resurected Ares. Also Bucky Cap with his domino mask is cool.

  12. I love the group shot, I love the concept, and I completely adore the Capt and Thor designs in particular (I’d love to see Ultimate Thor get an update along the lines you’ve drawn)! Brilliant work!

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  14. I just….adore Kris Anka’s work. Along with people like Kenneth Rocafort,David Aja,Joe Mad.,Francis Yu,etc….I consider him (and others that I am learning more about) as comic artist gods.

    I like these redesign and I see them as how their costumes actually look. It’s like a redesign,but it doesn’t really change any essentials of the costume (so it’s still completely recognizable. So it’s basically the same costume,but the way an artist interprets them….it’s like a redesign without really changing the costume).
    The only ones I prefer as they actually are in the comics is Thor and Iron Man. And Crystal should have longer hair (but it’s a redesign,at the same time).

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