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  1. “American Panther/Stay away from mee-hee!”

    Dig it! It might seem like unnecessary decoration for a character that is typically monochromatic, but it looks like fun!

  2. Too much. Stripes and stars and straps and knee pads and stars and pouches and elbow pads and wristbands and STAAAAARS. Just because the flag has a star for every state doesn’t mean Captain Panther has to do the same.

  3. I dig it. I am biased towards Francesco’s incredible art, but I think for a temporary story, these costume mash-ups are super fun. I don’t know if this is T’Challa or not. I don’t know if the story will address why American Panther doesn’t seem to use Wakandan tech (though I suspect it will). But knowing the creators involved, I’m perfectly happy to trust they’ll rock it.

  4. Ok, I’m going to go ahead and say it- I think we’re being Punk’d here. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that this is an early April Fool’s gag. It’s easy to fall for- especially because they enlisted Francesco- who is an original and fantastic talent. I really love Francesco’s style and he is knocking it out of the park right now on “Black Panther: The Man Without Fear”.

    That being said- there are no less than 14! stars on this design. Part of what is so appealing about the Black Panther is his sleek costume. The Black Panther is lean, agile, and moves through the shadows with ease, kind of like a… panther! I don’t see this costume allowing him to do that. I think if Marvel really were to do an amalgam of these two characters it would be a bit more subtle.

    This was fun to see- but I think they got us! After all- aren’t these really just Francesco’s BP designs from the book now- but with a bunch of stripes and stars added after the fact?

  5. The current Black Panther stories in the old Daredevil are really pretty good and they explain about the lack of Wakandan tech. It’s pretty much back to basics for him over there. The art is phenomical by Francavilla also. Esp last issue the panel with the rain floored me.

  6. Dont the leg stripes or the ‘decoration’ on the mask. The shoulder stars ought to lose the lines and be in a circle but other than that it would be tolerable as a very temporary costume. But really its not shouting T’Challa to me. If a different character maybe but I bet this could be done better. Maybe an unofficial competition to redesign???

  7. It’ okay but the rays around the stars and the red stripes on the pants are a bit much. I really want to know what happens storywise to have him put this on. I know he’s currently not the acting King of Wakanda, and that his sister Suri is the Black Panther but still…I’m intrigued

  8. I’m inclined to agree with Bradford. The majesty around the shoulder stars screams ‘This is an early April Fool’s joke.’ When was the last time someone implemented majesty onto a costume design?

    If it’s not an April Fool’s joke then the majesty around the stars is an interesting stylistic decision. When was the last time someone implemented majesty onto a costume design?

  9. I think the lines emanating from the stars on the shoulder is a pretty clear indication that this is some kind of April Fool’s gag. They’re too cartoony and would suck to draw over and over again.

    Actually, it’s probably more likely that this is some kind of tie-in with the Captain America movie. Y’know… like how Marvel did all those variants of their characters dressed up like they were in Tron?

  10. @BarkingAlien – Yeah, Superman is lame, and Frank Quitely swipes are totally allowed at P:R. April Fools is living up to its name this year.

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