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  1. It’s a nice design. It looks like a prototype for the Batman Beyond costume that was taken in a slightly S&M direction, but that’s a thing that occasionally works for Batman characters and it does here. I can imagine Batman in a dark warehouse, and every time he punches a ninja or gangster, the colored seams light up for a moment and then quickly turn off. Just these pops of red all over the warehouse until there’s only one ninja gangster left. He tries to flee, and comes face to chest with Batman, the red in his costume glowing like a neon devil.

    But at the same time, I can’t really visualize Batman wearing this while sitting at the Justice League table or while he’s off brooding on a rooftop or in the Bat Cave. I don’t know if that’s from the lack of a cape or if it’s just that the design is very action oriented. This costume isn’t really for pensive Batman, it’s for “Joker put some chemical in the water supply and now I have to beat up everyone in Gotham!” Batman.

  2. It looks like a middle costume somewhere between the modern era and Terry’s Batman Beyond…or an iteration after Terry’s current…future…whatever Batman Beyond suit, a suit for a grown up Terry.

  3. I like it! Just last night I was checking out my scale model of the TV BAtmobile wiith its red trim and thinking about the Alex Ross “Kingdom Come” and “Justice” armors, about how cool they look and then this morning here is this which invokes all that and “Batman Beyond”. Really cool design!

  4. See…to me it looks too human. It looks like a guy in a suit. This is a problem I have with a lot of Batman designs. To me, the best Batman “costume” is in the animated series, when he’s just a silhouette with baleful eyes. You can’t do that without the cape.

  5. I think this is what Dick should be wearing in the books right now, instead of “masquerading” as Bruce. And I think Zach’s idea about it being sort of a selectively glowing “Tron-suit” is pretty genius.

  6. I normally love Carroll’s work, but this seems awfully derivative of the recent TRON meme. Sadly, too many lines for Batninja, but not enough color for superhero.

  7. Pretty sweet. I especially like the design work around the bat-symbol and the highlights on the cowl. The boots and gloves are really working for me too. Maybe an alternate version of Terry McGinnis’ costume- or maybe Tim Drake since he’s rocking the red and black colors as Red Robin now.

  8. I like it! It’s interesting and, like Don said, it reminds me of “Kingdom Come” and “Justice”. Love the criss-cross bat symbol too. I would really love to hear what Joel’s idea was with this suit.

    @Zach. I really, really like that idea about the suit lighting up every time he would hit an enemy. To me, it kind of sounds like the evolution of seeing the cape move after you hear someone get knocked out.

    @Mordecai. But what about Terry from Batman Beyond? His whole suit was just a silhouette and that seemed to work without a cape.

  9. Wow that is a weird coincidence. I like the glowey red mouth plate from that costume, but Joel’s symbol and line design are stronger.
    Would love to see wings on both of these designs.

  10. I personally really dislike the bat symbol. I think it’s too busy and takes up too much space on the chest, and won’t really work in motion. Also, I think the face is too busy as well. In my mind, Batman causes extreme fear with minimal factors. This is just too much.

    Great illustration, though.

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