shadowheart9024’s Superman!!!

Note: Finally, thanks to shadowheart9024, Superman doesn’t look so flipping LAAAAMMMME. – Dean Trippe, Founder, Editor, Spokesperson, Tweetmaster, Site Administrator, Nerd Captain.

shadowheart9024 on their redesign:

Here is my deisgn of Superman. I decided to take all of the cool elements and leave off the dumb onesLOL! Also what if Superman never lost his electric powers? Did you ever think about tha?

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  1. Lol I love it! My only suggestion would be to keep his chest plate red to compliment his cape and break up all the gray. But yeah, this looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Love the padded areas that are a different color along the sides, the multiple use of logo’s (keeps you reminded of who he is), and that wicked headgear.
    Could use a utility belt though. Where is Supes supposed to keep his stuff?
    Also: great original pose.

  3. I was mere seconds away from firing off an incredulous email myself, until I suddenly realized what day it was…. Good thing I didn’t, lest I incur Dean’s stinkeye also.

    But, AFD aside, there’s an interesting idea here. As much as I hated Electro-Supes, I did think he was let off the hook with that a little too easily. I’ve always thought the electric powers should be sort of a chronic illness that Superman has to deal with from time to time. What would that look like? Clark would have to deal with that costume-wise also.

  4. haha- nicely done. I kinda thought that might be the case, especially with your “laaaaaame” introduction. I think your (Dean) love of Supes is pretty well documented.

    Although, it does kind of bring up a good point on the fashion side. Sometimes, you can look at something and be like- HA! that’s ridiculous! but in a different context- it might just work. This was kind of a silly design, but so well executed it straddles that line. Is this ridiculous? or is it really just ahead of it’s time?

    Sooo, JG- you need to get better at being really bad! (j/k- thanks for the lighthearted April Fool’s gag)

  5. @Jordan Gibson: Yeah, he MUST’VE been sniffing glue or something ;)

    That being said, I actually kinda like it. It’s so Kryptonian what with the headgear and all. Have to agree with Karl though. Red Shield would’ve really worked well on the bodysuit.
    Happy AFD!! :D

  6. I would have liked to see maybe a few more “S” shields on the boots, they might be really neat as buckles on a bunch of belt straps. Like a whole bunch of belt straps. That’ll make Superman look more edgy. Oh! And what if we gave him a leather jacket? That would be so badass!

    The cape should have been blue though, to tie in to his electric powers somehow.

    And Superman should have a gun.

    The end.

  7. Yeah, man, and like, at least one robotic arm. Metal conducts electricity, right? And he needs to ditch that cape for some gigantic shoulder pads. He just looks naked without them.

    Seriously though, I do actually dig this design. It’s like Dr. Manhattan bought a whole bunch of ’90s Superman comics and decided to combine the Hunter-Prey, Electric Superman and Krypton Man costumes into something kinda cool looking.

    Diggin’ the toupee, Doc.

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