Karl Savage’s Incredible League of America

Note: P:R Reader and artist Karl Savage sent in this inspired mashup of PIXAR’s Incredibles with DC’s Justice League of America. Look at the bottom of the post for a surprise guest! – Chris A.

Karl described the origins of this mash-up, saying:

Doing a sketch a day, I was just supposed to be drawing the Justice League of America. But after I drew Freakazoid! two weeks ago in that Incredibles costume, I decided I would do this ‘What If…’

What if the JLA joined the Incredibles? Namely, what would it look like trying to wrangle all the JLAers into a specific uniform costume template, like the Incredibles or the Fantastic Four wear?

I tried to include aspects of their individual costumes that are integral to the characters. Batman still needs his cape, cowl and belt. Green Lantern’s ring can only create a black, green and white uniform for the wearer. Plastic Man also has color restrictions. Martian Manhunter doesn’t need a mask because he’s a big green Martian, Wonder Woman needs her bracelets and tiara, etc.

It was a great deal of fun.


Wonder Woman


Green Lantern


Martian Manhunter

Plastic Man

Plastic Man as PIXAR’s Luxo Jr. Lamp


12 comments to “Karl Savage’s Incredible League of America”
  1. Wow! I think its brilliant; I’m liking the little details, like the Incredible symbol on Flash’s glove… Love it :D

  2. Is that what I think it is…?
    Tim Drake as Batman (I wish!)!
    This has been really thought through, to the considerations of Plastic Man and GL (which I think counters the group nicely).

  3. I love it. I really like what you did with GL and Flash. Plastic man was already wearing the colors, but the costume change is great. I’d have to say Superman and WW look weird with domino masks though but I like the designs all around.

  4. These are all pretty great- but Plastic Man as the Pixar lamp is a stroke of genius- and perfectly executed! well done.

  5. Very creative and masterfully done. Wearing THE biggest grin after realising just what, or should I so, who Plas was imitating. Very cool!

  6. I like how Batman seems a little resigned to wearing the brighter colors-you get the feeling that Superman talked him into it for “diplomatic” reasons.

  7. @Designer Daddy

    I drew all of them separately, so there is a “big version” of him. I guess PR just didn’t post it. You can see it over on my artblog. http://www.karlsavage.com/2011/03/078.html

    I had not seen Aquaman’s Flashpoint costume when I drew Aquaman. They are super-similar though, which is really interesting to me. I attended the Kubert School and Andy was my 2nd year narrative instructor.

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