SCAD-Atlanta’s Sequential Art Department’s Patriotic Redesigns

Note: After seeing Marvel’s recent patriotic Blank Panther redesign by Francesco Francavilla, the gang at the Sequential Art Department of the Savannah College of Art & Design’s Atlanta campus have taken on some of their favorite heroes (and villains!) for a red, white, and blue makeover! – Chris A.

Falynn Koch’s American Lantern

Robin Holstein‘s American Goblin

You can see more of their star-spangled takes on super-heroes at the Temple of Cartoon Mojo.

6 comments to “SCAD-Atlanta’s Sequential Art Department’s Patriotic Redesigns”
  1. Why the crotch star & burgers??? Oh- and the best one over at Temple of Cartoon Mojo link above is ‘American Jacket’…could be a pro-wrestler, and what’s more american than that? ‘American Skull’ was interestingly ironic (if I’m using ‘ironic’ correctly).

    But to the artist (Ali Henderson) who did the Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver piece…um what? Brothers do not stick their tongues in their sisters ears, at least not outside of WV.

  2. Booster American reminds me of SuperPro. Some of those are odd, and American Manta is oddly creepier than the Black version.

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