J. Bone’s Marvel High!

Note: Although school has come and gone for a lot of us, this imaginative illustration by J. Bone really makes me want to enroll. – Chris A.

Here’s what J. Bone had to say about the image back in 2007:

It was originally done as a pitch for an Archie-like approach to the Marvel characters. I’d been drawing a teen version of Tigra for a while and used her as the main character in the pitch (which was written by Brian McLachlan of Princess Planet fame).

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  1. Yeah, I thought the guy in green was Iron Fist given his proximity to Luke Cage, but his evil smile hinted at his Loki-ness.

    In all fairness, I often times think that Loki is blonde because of his color scheme and helmet. I’m always caught off guard when he/she is helmet-less and dark haired.

    Im really surprised more of the all-ages ideas posted don’t find homes at either DC or Marvel. Marvel High seems like a great property for animation and introductions to the Marvel “brand.”

  2. Given the green ‘n’ yellow color scheme and proximity to both Thor & Luke Cage, I’m not sure whether the guy on the far right is meant to be Loki or Iron Fist.

  3. Glad you guys liked the approach! The fun twist to the pitch that wasn’t mentioned was that the rival school was Xavier’s school for gifted children (where all the X-Men and Brotherhoood of Evil Mutants went). You’d have Quicksilver from Marvel High at a track meet getting beat by “cheating” Nightcrawler.

    The blonde guy was Loki. His hair was meant to mimic his horns. Hair dye is cheap.

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