Stuart Immonen’s Sin/Skadi for Marvel’s ‘Fear Itself’

Note: In this year’s Marvel event series Fear Itself, long-time P:R favorite artist Stuart Immonen is at the top of his game and getting the opportunity to design and re-design numerous characters. The recently released first issue debuted a radically different, Norse-inspired design for the Red Skull’s daughter Sin, who has taken up the name ‘Skadi’. Chris A.

In the Fear Itself: Sketchbook, Stuart Immonen explained his approach to Skadi’s design, saying:

The design challenge for this character was to honor her previous incarnations while incorporating quasi-Norse ophidian elements. Moreover, the idea was to make her look powerful, imposing, and god-like. Nothing like raising the bar from page one, right?

6 comments to “Stuart Immonen’s Sin/Skadi for Marvel’s ‘Fear Itself’”
  1. The costume is great and very Kirby-esque. My only problem with this design is that it reads a little to masculine for me.

    Granted, Sin’s change into Red Skull 2.0 erased a large portion of her femininity. But if I didn’t know any better, at first glance, I’d say Skadi looked male.

  2. That’s quite the Hammer. All of the antagonists are getting one for this. I actually can’t wait. I’m kinda glad they went this route, as Sin as the new Red Skull looked horrible.

  3. I personally loved the gender ambiguous scar tissue red shull look Sin was sporting in the prologue to this scene. Something about it said “I have a higher purpose” and that vanity and gender are something beneath me.
    I also love this bavarian looking hammer, especially the bell guarde.

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