Declan Shalvey’s Cyclops

Note: It looks like this week is becoming X-men week at Project: Rooftop. Today we have an updated design for the X-Men leader Cyclops by Thunderbolts artist Declan Shalvey. This design incorporates several elements to Cyke’s wardrobe over the years for this unifying design, and the artist pays special note to his unique power and how it could add to the character’s look. – Chris A.

Declan has a special affinity for the X-men and confesses to redesigning them as far back as his childhood years. Here’s what he had to say about this piece:

I can’t say i really like any of his designs over the years… I grew up with the Jim Lee design so i have a certain affinity for that one and i think the Frank Quitely design was really good, but kinda over-leathery looking. A common design for Cyclops is the ‘dome’ look, but i always thought he looked stiff and awkward whenever using his powers.

It seems to me, he could use a more iconic costume, one that mixed all the previous designs, so i came up with this. It’s got the military trousers/gloves that remind me of the Jim Lee ‘pouches’ design, and the ‘jacket’ aspect of the Quitely degign with one added aspect; a hood. With a hood, you have something that is reminiscent of the ‘dome’, but more contemporary. Plus; it gives you an opportunity to black out his face in shadow and just draw the glow from his optic blast, making him much more graphically interesting to look at. This guy is the leader of the X-Men. He should look cool. This is my *attempt* at doing so.

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  1. The hood is a brilliant touch. Never been a fan of the “huge number of X designs everywhere” approach, especially when combined with the giant X over the whole jacket, but the basic look of it is great.

  2. First thing I though of was: “When I turn my head — while wearing a hoodie — the hood covers the side of my face I’m turning against”. Wouldn’t that be a problem here, too — with Cyclops constantly singing the sides of his hood?

    Still, apart from my nitpicking on practicalities, I think it looks really good!

  3. I should not like this, me being the ‘heroes should be in tights’ type. Surprisingly I really like this look and the creative reasons behind it. Ol’ Scotty did always seem a bit stiff and this (stylistically) loosens him up a bit. Great job

  4. That looks pretty cool. Recently in a mini series X-Men: Xenogenesis I believe it was Kaare Andrews had them in X-centric street/tactical gear. This looks along those same lines. I think the hooded look for Cyke is awesome. Alex Ross designs a look for Scott with a hood, and had the whole shadowed face glowing eye thing going.

  5. Just a minor pet peeve: I always want to ask for a definition when somebody uses the word “iconic,” because I’m starting to hate it and often get the feeling it just doesn’t mean what they think it means. I think of it in this context as meaning “in line the with the traditional depictions of the character,” which is precisely what the common ” ‘dome’ look” is, right? Given that that was the original costume of the character.

    Anyway. Declan’s overall style is great, but I’m not super fond of this. The military trousers are nice — I’m definitely of the “any departure from tights is good” mindset myself — but it would be nice if the jacket was just an accessory to the costume if it’s going to be there at all, so that he wouldn’t have to wear it everywhere. And tanketom is right, that hood just isn’t practical in the least. If we’re really bent on replacing the cowl with something, surely some kind of helmet or cap would make more sense.

  6. I love it! I grew up into the Jim Lee design as well, and I always thought he looked like the biggest dork in all of his other incarnations. The movies didn’t help either, making him a super-boyscout. The most current comics have instilled interest of the character in me, and I think this design really caps it off. If they used a design similar to this, it would really solidify Cyclops as a ‘really cool’ character.

  7. The hoodie gives me Smallville flashbacks, and wouldn’t he blast the hood right off if he had to shoot to the side?

  8. Declan’s work is terrific. Love his Thunderbolts work too. I agree with the hood being impractical. Would he need a neck brace? That concussive force blast should almost whip his head back like a shotgun recoil.

  9. I quite like this. I don’t think the hoodie works for Scott Summers NOW, but as a reinterpretation of the character (if Ultimate X-Men were being launched tomorrow for instance) I think it works quite nicely.

    I’m pretty much in sync with him regarding X-Men costumes too, I’m a fan of the Jim Lee versions as seen in the 90s Fox cartoon and the Quitely redux. I’m definitely not a ‘superheroes should be in tights’ guy like Jay, I’m pretty much the opposite. I think the simpler, more iconographic and less bodypaint-looking the better in most cases. And I do like uniforms for teams, the X-Men should have uniforms not costumes.

    I’m surprised there isn’t a team out there that has hoodies as a staple of there uniform though. There isn’t, is there?

  10. I really shouldn’t like this. I’m typically not a fan of the non tights type of super hero, but this is definitely a striking take on Scott Summers. Puts me in the mind of something Frank Qutely might have done had he stayed on Morrison’s X-men
    I’d be curious 2 see how the other X-men would be shown w/ a similar treatment. Good stuff, man!

  11. its ok… not very practical. Like the design it just looks a bit over sized on him. Not very tacticle. Art is excellent though.

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