5 comments to “Sketchbook Saturday: Kaylie McDougal’s Dazzler!”
  1. Dazzler can not be made cool or interesting. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice sketch but the character is just terrible. It is an improvement on the 2 Dazzler costumes I’m familiar with -the original roller disco and that blue 1 piece with headband Olivia Newton John thing – but this falls into the same trap of styling her with whatever is trendy in music…in this case the pop singer Pink seems to be the template. Can Dazzler ever transcend whatever is the current music fashion nightmare and get a definitive, iconic outfit? I say no.

  2. Well Jay, her Age of X redesign looks pretty cool. It takes aspects of her previous costumes and refines them. You won’t be able to tie any “music trend” to that look.

    And in regards to the subject of this post, does it count as a redesign if it’s just a minimally modified version of a costume that was created by another artist (Michael Ryan for New Excalibur #1)? I’m not to sure about that but as fan art, it looks awesome.

  3. Ok so I checked out the Age of X Dazzler, I’d call it a Road Warrior version of Pink. Kind of cool but not what I’d call iconic…disco ball armor is corny and too many straps!

    Perhaps I’m being too hard on Dazzie in not liking the music themed costumes, after all she is a musician. Would I want to eliminate bats from Batman or stars & stripes from Captain America?

    Maybe they could make her more like Iceman and encase her in some cool, stylized light based armor…

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