10 comments to “P:R Approved: DC’s Nightrunner by Trevor McCarthy”
  1. Nice design, I love black/gray color scheme and idea behind this French/Muslim Batman. I’d really like to see an Asian version in Tokyo, Beijing or Bangkok.

    By having him swinging on that rope (wait, shouldn’t he be running?) I can’t help but see Spiderman, must be the eyes. As long as I’m nit-picking might as well point out that the fingerless gloves would have him leaving fingerprints everywhere and that long ribbon on his head , while quite dashing, seems like it could get tangled in his rope or be grabbed easily. But since Batman manages with that cape I guess Nightrunner will be OK as well.

  2. Don’t know anything about him but for some reason I see him doing Parkour to get around the city. :)

  3. I really like the idea of batman, Inc. I like Nightrunner as a character and his look is great. I’m hoping they bring Night Dragon from the “Batman Hong Kong” graphic novel into the fold.

  4. It IS a fantastic design – I can’t help but think that this would’ve done pretty well in the P:R Batman redesign compo – but yeah, as Jay pointed out, fingerless gloves? On a vigilante? Oversight and a half. I’d’ve rather seen a design solution that maintains the flexibility that the biker gloves are going for whilst solving the “let’s not get arrested yeah?” problem inherent to leaving dabs everywhere he goes.

  5. Absolutley LOVE this design (aside from the mask-tie things), terrible shame it’s a derivative character rather than a wholly original one.

  6. i’m actually more amazed with the graphic design of the cover (?)… nice work arranging the montage into wings…

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