Sketchbook Saturday: Mike Maihack’s X-Girls!

Note: Another day, another great batch of art popping up online. This one comes from cartoonist (and frequent P:R contributor) Mike Maihack. Mike took on the female school costumes of the X-Men, and worked up some amazing variations for a number of characters. Can you name them all? – Chris A.

Here’s what Mike had to say about these sketches:

Newer ones are towards the top, older ones are at the bottom. It’s interesting to see how I didn’t really change much design wise, with the one exception of deciding to go sleeveless. So during a week full of waaay too many meetings, I started drawing all these random X-Girls and posting them to my twitter account. Not specific characters. Just mindless fun playing with some x-styled costume designs. And in the process of compiling them all, I found a few from a couple years ago I thought would be fun to share as well.

8 comments to “Sketchbook Saturday: Mike Maihack’s X-Girls!”
  1. Love the up-left boots and middle right dress.
    The big guard-bracelets could use a function, a reason to be carried by brawling and non brawling members alike.

  2. I’m all for practical costumes, but for some reason I love the skirts. MYMINDSTELLINGMENOOOOOOOOO! BUTMAHBODIEEE! MAHBODIESTELLINMEYEAHESS!

  3. I like them and I think they are cute, but I agree with Johnny. I have not read the book in a while, but being a long time reader when I was young, I would have thought I would be able to recognize ONE of them. I think one of them might be Storm.

  4. Artist states ” Not specific characters. Just mindless fun playing with some x-styled costume designs.” so don’t bother to try to figure out who they are.

  5. From top left to bottom right: Surge, Surge, Surge, Surge, Surge, Magik, Surge, Magik, Surge, Surge, Surge.

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