Career Day: Cliff Chiang’s DC Heroine Rock Band!

Note: Leave it to Cliff Chiang to rock my socks when it comes to an inspired redesign of some icons of the the superhero genre. This “Band of Prey” puts DC’s Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Zatanna into the guise of rock stars. I especially like the Joan Jett-locks on Diana and the SG she’s using. – Chris A.

Here’s what Cliff said about the piece over at his blog:

Inspired by a late-night viewing of The Runaways, and partly an exercise to see if I could make star-spangled pants and Wonder Woman go together. The idea started with Wonder Woman  (I briefly entertained using an Ian Curtis Batman) but the idea of an all-girl rock band with Black Canary, Zatanna and Batgirl seemed too good to pass up.

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  1. This is awesome… I have player created characters on my Guitar Hero that are a band of Peter parker on bass, Tony Stark on guitar, Wolverine drumming, with Steve Rogers as front man alluding to the dynamic between the characters. More of a power interpretation her though… Brilliant.

  2. Oh man! SO MUCH TO LOVE! Zatanna’s Slash-like appearance, Black Canary on vocals, WW’s Joan Jett looks, Batgirl sitting down (ha) with her KISS makeup, the Chuck Tailors, the ripped fishnets, the golden lasso guitar cord (wow!), and even with all of these influences, it is still 100% clear who the characters are.

    I would hang this on my wall in a heartbeat!

  3. This is awesome. Zatanna as Slash is inspired, and the little touches are outstanding. The magic lasso/guitar cord, the fact that Batgirl is seated, Cliff makes it look way too easy.

  4. This would make a great poster that I think would sell quite well. It’s a teen-boy/man-boy trifecta of goodness; chicks, rock and comics! Might need a little work on the drummer though..that’s Batgirl?

    Anyway, sign me up for a $5 poster.

  5. I would buy a poster/t-shirt of this so fast it’d make your head spin. I’m flailing right now, I LOVE this!

  6. Yeah, I totally thought the same thing, Karl. I also got a David Bowie vibe from Batgirl designwise at least. Lots of stuff to like. I particularly like the composition.

  7. @Scadilla Yeah, my first thought was David Bowie. The hair and the shoulder pads are all very Z. Stardust. But since I’m not too familiar with Bowie’s many looks I glued on to the bat makeup around her eyes which reminded me of KISS. By the time I figured out what was what my comment was already waiting for moderation, and I didn’t bother to post an addendum.

  8. If they wanted to do a street-fighting version of Wonder Woman, *that* is the costume they should’ve used.

  9. The ideas behind this art are incredibly well-executed. The outfits are thematic both on a hero level and a rocker level, and I love the small touches, like how Babs is in the one band position that keeps her seated. Bravo, sir.

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