P:R Redesign: Declan Shalvey’s Chamber

Note: Declan Shalvey is becoming a Rooftop Regular, and with good reason — from his contest entries to his Underbolts design and now this, Shalvey is chomping at the bit to take his favorite characters and give them a new set of duds. In this one, Shalvey took on the Generation X mainstay Chamber; This character has had his share of bad costume choices (New Warriors, much?), but  Shalvey’s redesign here takes the best of what he’s worn and pushes it one step further. – Chris A.

Here’s what Delcan had to say:

With this piece, I just wanted to draw a really nice Chamber piece but I didn’t want to get bogged down with a specific version of him. For that reason, I just came up with a variant of the X-costume, something a little more ‘street’, hence the Vans-type-footwear and the loose trousers. I also wanted to portray a little of the tragic element of the character (that makes him so cool) so wanted to show him on a sad walk…. as everything around him burns.
Jordie added colour in all the right places. With great colour choices, she made the piece warm and also intense. I love that she kept the background open and white. It works as an illustration and makes the moment really poignant.

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  1. Chamber is seemingly one of those heroes who can’t be given a costume/uniform that reflects his overall character. Luckily he’s part of a team and can be given a basic team uniform. I love that the artist just used the X-man template and tweaked it to fit Chambers personality.

    Declan really did an outstanding job by putting the emphasis on how tragic this character is. The mood of this piece says more about Chamber than any cape or mask ever could. Great job in creating interest for an otherwise overlooked X-person!

  2. I literally just found out that the Age of X crossover put Chamber back to his flame-faced best*, and then I come over here and see this. Excellent drawing and design.

    *I mean, sure, the panel in question has him saying “Gordon Bennet! Something’s bloody iffy here!”, but… baby steps, I suppose.

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