Wonder Woman Redesigns For A Good Cause by Mitch Breitweiser & Renae De Liz

Note: Over the years we’ve found out how redesigning costumes of your favorite super-hero (or villain) can bring together diverse people. Artists Mitch Breitweiser and Renae De Liz recently did one better by redesigning DC’s Wonder Woman and auctioning off the artwork to benefit a family who recently lost their husband and father. The auctions are over, but Mitch and his wife Bettie have set up a benefit art gallery for fans to buy art for a good cause, as well as a donation button. Enjoy the art, and support the cause! – Chris A.

Mitch Breitweiser

Renae De Liz

5 comments to “Wonder Woman Redesigns For A Good Cause by Mitch Breitweiser & Renae De Liz”
  1. Love the attitude in the first piece, it’s like she’s coming to mop the floor with me personally…but not crazy about the skirt. That second piece has a great feel to it that reminds me of my old black and white Conan comics from the 80s.

    What both are missing a “WW” incorporated in her chest piece, I always liked that especially when combined with the eagle/bird wings.

    I wonder what people think of Jim Lee’s new Wonder Woman? I like it. And the burning question is is PR going to implode from all of the new DC redesigns?

  2. I love that first pic! The design is just okay, but the illustration itself is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more from Mr Breitweiser.

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