12 comments to “CollegeHumor’s Even Worse Superhero Redesigns”
  1. It’s about time SOMEBODY gave Superman a horn! Now if they can just do something about those undies.

  2. the wonder-woman one is funny and it brings up an interesting point in the sense that DC hasn’t realized that the real problem isn’t the costume and is in fact cheesecake artists and the very poor representation by their male writers. The fact that they’re literally trying to ‘cover up’ the problem (with pants) is as hilarious as it is sad.

  3. @Timothy: They probably thought it would be too much, since he already has the Nike swoop in place of the wings on his helmet.

  4. @Daniel: 100% with you on that. She could wear Inuit clothing and the artists would still make it look like they were more interested in tracing FHM than drawing a fight scene.

  5. One of my Captain America Costume redesigns that didn’t get submitted was an all white nascar-ish supersuit with Cap’s marvel sponsors and affiliates in a similar array.
    He had S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers, Stark Industries, a U.S. Army Star, an American Flag, and a ROGERS name tag. It was sick, but it wouldn’t have won the contest.

  6. The “First class” one represents my opinion on the roster of characters. And it’s even worse with mutants like Angel Salvadore or Azazel. ¿Really? He has only appeared on 7 issues…

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