Claire Hummel’s Harley Quinn

Note: DC’s Harley Quinn is one of the most recent additions to the DC family, and boy does she have spunk. Originally created in DC’s Batman: The Animated Series, she was quickly brought over and has added something special to Gotham City. This lively redesign by Claire Hummel takes Harley’s jester-inspired wardrobe and gives it a real old school 1800s flair. – Chris A.

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  1. I really like the style Claire chose to do this one in. Especially the way the paper and image look old and worn. That really adds to the picture a lot. In my opinion, there isn’t much artists can do to improve or change Harley’s costume in a positive way, and I’m sick of seeing grungy, crackhead versions of her character. Her original costume just works the way it is, so going the way of a period piece was definitely the right move. It allows for change, but the character needs to be instantly recognizable, so the costume can’t stray too far from the signature look. I’d say Claire pretty much hit the nail on the head. That’s about all I can say.

  2. I LOVE Harley’s original costume. Both Bermejo’s Joker and Arkham Asylum made good redesigns with a realistic feel. Then, DC’s relaunch arrived, and screwed up her look. It’s good to see her old harlequin clothes.

  3. Beautiful, elegant, and pretty. Maybe not so much dangerous, but looks can be deceiving and I love the way this looks.

    But this would never work in the DCU, she isn’t wearing pants and her breasts are covered. :-/

  4. Awesome illustration! I can really see this working in a Victorian era Elseworlds kind of story. It’s true that Harley’s classic look is perfect, so a lot of the time redesigns (like DC’s latest Harley costume) simply don’t work, but this is great! She’s a character who benefits from showing less skin.

  5. ’tis cool. Especially compared with the salacious recent official redesign – can you imagine that version appearing in the animated series in which she made her début? No.

  6. Beautiful work. I love that this look gives Harley an even more innocent look then her original duds. I always liked that she looked innocent and fun but drawn or lighted the right way she could look as evil as the Joker, this outfit would work great in this regard. She is the best addition to the DC universe in the last 20 years and Claire has done her justice. This look is a VAST improvement on the current DCNU “Dirty Juggalo and The Crow had a baby” abomination.

  7. THIS (or a variation of this) would’ve been the perfect redesign for Harley, instead of the Sin-City-Old-Town look

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