P:R Redesign: Priscilla Tramontano’s DC Heroines!

Note: Love for DC’s characters is rising in fans judging by the number of submissions P:R has received as of late. Priscilla Tramontano‘s redesign of five of DC’s stalwart heroines brings new ideas to the table that’s sure to get fans talking. I love ’em, and thanks to John Struan at SuperPunch for passing it along to us! – Chris A.

Wonder Woman

Star Sapphire


Black Canary

Big Barda

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  1. Totally fantastic!

    Why don’t the publishers ever go for something like this? They want new readers? Giving their characters outfits that look like you at least have a chance of fighting someone in would be a start!

  2. I’m definitely a fan of these designs. They look ripe for an animated movie or television show. I’m really diggin’ Wonder Woman and Star Sapphire.

  3. Wonder Woman- I like the crown/headpiece. The gray collar looks completely out of place though, and the chest piece, while cool looking, doesn’t seem too practical as far as arm movement is concerned. The bracelets are a little too bulky for my taste, but they do look more fit for reflecting bullets than any of her past bracelets have. The split skirt-thingy with the stars down the sides is awesome, but it looks like she’s wearing men’s underwear underneath. I hate the stockings and the heals of her boots, but the wings are a nice touch.

    Star Sapphire- I’m not sure what to say of this design, because I haven’t really followed the character too much. She’s always been a little too pink for my taste (Man, that reads like some sort of terrible euphemism), but for what she is worth to me, as someone who knows so little about her, this works just fine.

    Mera- Once again, this isn’t a character I have much investment in as a reader, so my opinion is a little bias. The green lipstick and eye makeup is cool, and most of the upper-half of her costume looks great, including the gauntlets. I’m kind of wondering what’s going on with her midsection though. It looks like she has less than half of it on display here, and it doesn’t really make sense to me why. Maybe if I could see the way it continues around the back it would help it make more sense. After that, I’m sorry to say that I pretty much just don’t like the lower half at all. The boots look way too big for someone who lives underwater to ever wear.

    Black Canary- This look is O.K., but I like her better with fishnets. They’ve kind of become her trademark and she just doesn’t look as appealing without them. The jacket with the big sleeves is awesome, but add it together with the little yellow gloves, and the top that’s reminiscent of a corset, and I don’t think they work with the sneakers. It’s like a half-classy, half casual look that comes off like two separate outfits thrown together.

    Big Barda- I really love this design. The helmet is crazy-good, and everything after that looks just right. Plus, her expression and stance are perfect. I’ve never cared for this character, but had I never heard of her, I would definitely pick up a comic book with her in this uniform on the cover just to find out who she is.

  4. Before I state the inevitable changes that I ‘d personally like to see I want to say how great these are…these are grrrreat! On the whole I like that these heroines are not depicted with completely unrecognizable outfits and/or triple D breasts. Star Sapphire and Mera are near perfect, Black Canary really does need her signature fishnets but is otherwise very nice and Big Bertha, well I never liked her look so this is an improvement I suppose. Maybe she could lose that lone thigh band.

    Wonder Woman looks really, really good here. Things I’d change: make the stockings go all the way up, lose the heels and tone down the bracers just a bit. Things I love are: hair looks awesome, headband is cool, WW is accounted for (a must for me), light blue stars instead of white is brilliant! Her lasso could use some bulking up, am I the only one that thinks it always looks like a string? They should make it woven gold or something a bit thicker…Over I give WW an “A”.

  5. I gotta say that I really like the female form in this characters, it’s just as sexy and healthier looking (I can’t imagine any of these characters on constant diet).
    About the costumes, the WW redesign it’s not really my cup of tea, and Black Canary could use her signature fishnets, but all the other designs are vast improvements over the current ones.

  6. I think they look fantastic.

    I’m a bit confused by Wonder Woman’s headband, over the hair in front, behind the hair in back, that makes the piece look a bit awkward to me….

    Black Canary is the one I have most issue with. I’ll agree with previous posters in that she really needs the fishnets these days, it isn’t her without them. I’m also not a big fan of the shoes, they scream teenager to me for some reason…maybe because they look really loose, as if she’d step right out of them at anything faster than a slow walk.

    Other than those 3 little things, woo hoo, great job!

  7. These are very well done. I basically like them all, and some are more fantastic than others. All in all, these are way better than many of the planned DC launch redesigns. Nothing against Jim Lee or DC, but you really should have reached out to some of the fine people here for some advice.

    I love the Barda design and Wonder Woman. The Black Canary design grew on me. I like it because it looks like something that could work for that character and the crazy adventures she’d go on, but doesn’t look as out of place as fishnets and heels.

    Star Sapphire and Mera are both solid designs as well, but I don’t care as much about the characters, so I end up not as in love with them. Though I do recognize that Sapphire’s costume definitely needed a redesign.

    Very well done redesigns Priscilla Tramontano!

  8. I really like the Mera redesign, and it reminds me heavily of the Ani-Comi statues DC put out. That’s a good thing, because those are cool little toys! The Wonder Woman is pretty cool, but I’ve never liked the character having both silver details (her bracelets and boot details) and gold elements (the chest piece and tiara). I’ve always thought the design would be tighter if it was just one color or the other.

    You did a great job with Barda, especially since she’s one of my absolute favorite character designs in comics. I like the head piece!

  9. Just thoughts on some of the pieces:

    Wonder Woman looks amazing. I love how the blue and the stars were incorporated into this design. And I LOVE the red stockings. If I had any weight to throw around at DC, I’d demand that those become a permanent fixture. And hooray for breast support!

    Star Sapphires (well, I guess most female characters) have the unfortunate experience of being completely hyper-sexualized, and this is an excellent piece that allows the sex appeal of the character to shine through without being overbearing or, as the case so often ends up, downright trampy. The only thing that I’m not sold on are the backs of her legs. But I guess when the ring constructs your uniform, anything is possible, right?

    I agree with the others about Black Canary’s fishnets. I think this would be a good “snowy night in Gotham” alternative, but I’d love to see an alternate with the fishnets. But otherwise, this is perfect. I’m particularly fond of that neck piece!

    The other two characters I don’t know enough about, so I’ll leave well enough alone and simply say the artwork is as beautiful as it is in the three I touched on. :)

  10. Absolutely LOVE that Wonder Woman redesign!! About a billion times better than the one we’ve been seeing for the upcoming not-reboot.
    Of the others, Black Canary’s is cool except as others have pointed out she really needs her fishnets. Mera is good, Star Sapphire is ok and Big Barda is awesome!
    A great job over all (still diggin’ that Wonder Woman!!)

  11. I’ve been thinking about these all day and I like all of these quite a bit — they’re sexy without being excessively revealing. They have a good balance of function and design.

    I know that people like Black Canary’s fishnets and I get that’s part of her thing (and honestly, I kind of like them, too, although I still find them problematic). I like the leggings in this design — it’s still Black Canary’s look but just a bit more covered up. And I have no problem with that.

    The Star Sapphire costume is wonderful. It has the same sort of lines as the usual costume but it’s more realistic and plausible. It seems to have the spirit of the costume without being a mess of weirdness. I’d love to see this costume in the comic.

  12. Of course, the big test of these designs would be if they still looked good after being drawn by someone who draws females with post-pubescent builds.

  13. Wow, these are a little crazy, I don’t know if they’d work in a modern DC book — these designs are sensible, attractive, and not outdated by 20 years! Whew it’s a good thing female characters aren’t designed by or for women otherwise they’d be like these: fashionable, believable, and cool. Think of the horror.

    I’m a straight male and Star Sapphire’s outfit’s been offensive to me even. This goes beyond reasonable update and makes her, *gasp* approachable, I would pick up a comic with that character in it. She’s got a little 60’s mod in there while keeping it contemporary.

    These are all really well thought out.

  14. I don’t know why, but the wonder-woman design just isn’t doing it for me. Maybe it’s the hip-curtain looking skirt?

    That said, the rest of these designs are FANTASTIC. So much of the iconography of these characters is changed or discarded here, and yet all the designs are incredibly true to the spirit of the characters. Case and point: I’m totally sold on the idea that a Black Canary without fishnets is a workable concept. Dinah has never looked better.

    Star Saphire’s canon costume is just plain terrible, so this redesign is much appriciated.

    Big Barda is probably my favorite of the bunch: again, there’s very little to tie this costume to the Kirby-tech look, but it still totally conveys everything important about the character, and with a unique aestetic rather than just ripping off a 50-year old one. (although I don’t know what’s with that band on the left thigh?)


  15. These are fantastic. There’s so much class in the designs, and they feel so right. Unlike just about everything from the new reboot…

  16. I love how they all look like real women, instead of some of the awful fake ladies I see in a lot of comics. I feel like they all could be much more effective fighters in these outfits. I love the wonder woman.

  17. Wow! Judging by some of these responses, some people just don’t have any taste or their standards are really low.

    Wonder Woman sucks….HARD. And the rest of the redesigns aren’t much better.

    Don’t quite your day job.

  18. Really, I love these! Elegant and interesting.
    Costume re-designs actually being done in comics seem so uninspired by comparison.
    I find the Wonder Woman design especially neat. What’s also so great is that she’s instantly recognizable while being technically very different. And she doesn’t have the effect of recalling Donna Troy or Wondergirl instead.

  19. Wow I love all of these. They’re stylish, sexy, and yet they’re not “stripperific” at all. The ONLY thing I would want to see changed is WW’s tiara either wrapping horizontally around her head more or being tucked under her hair. As is it looks like it would fall off.

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