P:R Redesign: Marc Palm’s Claw The Unconquered!

Note: Although super-heroes seems to be comics number one genre, fantase comes a close second — and DC’s Claw the Unconquered ranks amongst those heroes. Artist Marc Palm sent in this rakish rendition of of this sword-n-sorcery soldier for readers here at Project: Rooftop. – Chris A.

Here’s what Marc told us about his take:

I feel that chain mail and fur are cliche. I think that if this guy has some way of getting a magical gauntlet for his evil hand then he can also get some better more sensible clothes. So I chose a layered leather look for the shoulders and chest along with something like a kilt. I wanted his gauntlet to be more like it came from a suit of armor instead of something form fitting.

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  1. He is pretty freaky-looking, but well done. That claw-ornament hanging down seems a little awkward, though. You’d stab your thighs (or at least I would).

  2. I was gonna comment on how the loin cloth would scratch his legs but I think the artist already realised this as his legs are pretty scratched. And how he fits his legs into his greaves. But, other than those two bits this is an excelent redesign.

  3. I’m not even going to pretend I’ve ever heard of this character before seeing this post. I had to wiki him just to see what he looked like originally, and it was pretty much exactly as I expected. If you’ve seen one fantasy barbarian guy, you’ve pretty much seen them all. It’s a shame designs for this type of character don’t vary more greatly. Instead, they all pretty much end up looking like another Conan the Barbarian clone. Marc’s design isn’t much of an exception, but he did manage to freshen things up a little, and his design is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Although I do prefer the armored look a lot more than the fur-only look we’re so used to seeing on characters like this, I’m left wondering exactly what the armor is composed of. I’m pretty sure the darker plating is a form of hard leather, but the gray areas are a little confusing (pun!). Some of it looks like stone, some looks like it could be fur, and some parts seem to be metal. I’m really just curious to have a clearer idea of what I’m looking at, and the level of comfort for Claw. He is a barbarian though, and comfort is probably not something he takes into consideration when choosing his attire. Still the leather sleeves are a little awkward IMO and would have been better left as more plating over just the top-side of his arms. Also, the boots look a little Croc-ish.

    Aside from that, I’m glad Marc chose not to make Claw ridiculously buff like Conan, but instead he actually looks a little emaciated and scrappy, which really works out better. I think his build, along with all of those scratches, adds a huge layer of realism to this kind of character. The best part about this particular design for me is the infected area just above his claw; Especially the colors.

    That’s about all I can say other than thanks for posting Marc’s redesign, and great job Marc!

  4. Thanks P:R and thanks everyone who’s commented and may still comment.

    Ren – you posed a lot of questions that I’ll try to answer.
    I was trying to be pretty realistic about this design. Imagining myself wearing it (sure I’m that fit), and also imagining it’s creation. I thought a lot about how it would move when he was walking or fighting. It had to be flexible and somewhat light, but not move around on his body. Hence the sleeves around his upper arm. Those keep that whole top part from spinning around his neck.
    The materials would be made up of dark thick-ish leather and some sort of forged metal. Amongst fur and chain-mail, gold is ridiculously over used.
    I was trying to avoid just putting him in furry leather strapped footwear, which is another cliche. That’s where the armored slippers came in. Protected toes, hard layered leather soles and open in the back to keep them from sweating to death.
    The only thing I carried over from the old design was the armor on the calves. I thought that they looked cool in the original design and it worked with the layered look I was going for with the metal and leather.
    The fang/claw ornaments are a bit over the top and probably the least realistic. I imagined the person who put it together for him was taking some artistic liberties. But he’s a tough guy and those claw rubbing on his thighs would probably end up being unnoticed.

    Jay – he’s a tortured guy, living with the duality of Light and Dark. You only look as good as you feel.

  5. Great Job Mark! Having not seen the original Claw I think you nailed it! Definitely like the throwback look ( meaning the monster/ villians from the old Scooby-Doo).

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