Movie Makeover: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Movie Costume

Note: EW‘s got the scoop on Peter Parker’s 2011/12 wardrobe, an. First glimpsed several months ago, this new design actor Andrew Garfield is wearing has a lot to like.  Check out more pictures (including his tech web shooters) over with our friends at iFanboy. And for artists participating in this our Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 Redesign contest, no pressure… right? – Chris A.

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  1. Well, I think it streamlines the classic suit perfectly, but I still don’t understand why the belt is positioned so or the racing stripe on the leg. Don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty cool, but it just doesn’t really make sense. I’m still holding on to the “detachable web fluid container belt” idea that was going on when P:R first saw the suit.

    I really like the yellow for the eyes though. It’s unique and I think it may be a nod to the rejected Alex Ross design. I think it works with this new, more slender look.

    I just finally want to say that I still think that Andrew Garfield was the right choice for the role. Right now, he’s soaring over Toby Maguire.

  2. It’s obvious that the suit makers wanted to stay close to the original comic version but couldn’t because they also had to distinguish this suit from the “old” movie suit. Boy, did they drop the ball.

    The spider logo is too segmented and there aren’t any webs…just squares. The red on the back shoulders doesn’t flow well at all, to angular. Is it recognizable as Spiderman? Yes. Is it better than the old, original suit? No. Even with all of the unnecessary changes the one I think I miss most are his red fingers. Seems like Spidey’s red fingers were always coming out of the panels…

  3. Wow. Is the ability to sew incredibly complex bodysuits out of old basketballs among Peter’s new powers?

  4. Regardless of my feelings on it, design-wise, ALL is forgiven for one reason and one reason alone…

    Mechanical Web Shooters.

    They could have him in Doc Martin’s and a Christmas sweater, as long as they do mechanical web shooters.

  5. Is it just me, or does this costume look like it’s made out of a basketball? Maybe it should have the word “Wilson” stamped on the back.

  6. My coworker pointed out…”he looks like a basketball.”
    aside from the color, sadly, he is correct.

  7. It’s too busy and the spider logo on the chest is barely recognizable.

    There’s a few costumes in the comic book world that just DON’T need to be messed with. Spider-Man and Superman are at the top of that list. They are iconic.

  8. The emphasis on this approach can be summed up in one word: THIN. Thin actor, delicately narrow red details, micro thin inset web lines and spindle symbols. It’s very appropriate considering the character’s arachnid inspiration.
    But oh lets mention the texture! To me it reminds of a well worn basketball, here’s a pic to show you what I mean:
    What is more New York than that black dirt/soot covering everything you own? I love how well worn this costume is.
    Great inspiration for us, but we have to remember that this is a comicbook costume competition, and glorious details like that amazing texture won’t reproduce well.

  9. I bet it smells like a tire store.

    Not a fan of the smaller eyes. They don’t need to be Erik Larsen big, but something to keep the mask from looking like a gimp head piece. Speaking of that, how the heck does he hide all that hair in there? Get a haircut! Damn teens.

    And the gloves look like gaudy enough to be used on a Nike clad college football team. Just add a logo to the palms so Sidey can get a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after spiking a touchdown on the Sinister Six.

  10. Daniel, you somehow managed to make a design I initially disliked sound great. You magnificent bastard!
    Perhaps you could do the same with this minor quibble: Peter’s hair! It’s huge. Not only would it keep getting flattened by the mask (or bunch up and make a weird shape under the material) but it just looks silly Are they trying to appeal to the hipster market?

  11. i’m hoping all the basketball references were posted at exactly the same time. yes, the costume looks like textured rubber. we get it. it’s not a great design, but it’s not awful.

  12. Andrew Garfield has always had big hair. It’s his thing. As to them trying to appeal to the hipster market, that depends on your definition of hipster. I know they are appropriately trying to skew this movie very teen.

  13. I like that finally the web on the red part of the costume is black again,about the rest i do not like,spiderman’s costume is a classic,you cant change it if you have seen yet that in a movie works(sam raimi’s),plus i dont like his ass,that red orizzontal line over his ass and the vertical lines on his legs reminds me too much that kind of male panties that left the ass exposed!
    tell me if it is not the same!!

  14. I’m not a big fan of this costume nor of the reboot. Gnipgnop pretty much summed up the look of the costume when I first saw it. It’s like Peter broke into the Harlem Globetrotter’s HQ, stole their basketballs and skinned them to make his suit. O_o

    There is so much of this costume that puts me off, from the lack of completed belt around the waist (without it for the front, the end of the costume just goes down further and points at his junk) to the steel toed shoes. Even the “web” design looks lazy. I like that they’re going with mechanical web shooters, but, imo, Sony is just trying to keep a franchise alive after they dropped the ball on #3. Perhaps it would be best to give up their Marvel properties to Marvel/Disney, take a huge paycheck, and work on making more Adam Sandler movies.

    Nevermind. ^^;

    Mr. Q

  15. To anyone taking umbrage with Garfield’s mop of hair— It wouldn’t bunch up the mask. I made a Spider-Man mask out of spandex once and I had a pretty big fro at the time. I definitely had more hair than Garfield does and when I put on the mask you couldn’t tell at all. It became comical when I took the mask off because of how much hair would pop up. And I’m talking about spandex material. Nevermind whatever material Garfield’s costume is made of.

    For another, less personal example of large amounts of hair being swept up unnoticed, I will simply point you to any female actor who has ever worn a bald cap.
    Hair flattens to your head. It’s flexible like that.

  16. Its cool, I just miss the giant eyes from the last costume. I had a thing for those giant eyes.

  17. The web shooters are cool, but all I can say about the costume is that I really wish they had stuck with the design from the comics. I almost feel like this new look will be a distraction when I watch the new movie. I’m one of those guys that wishes everything were exactly as it is or was in the comics though. I don’t care if they update the setting and look of the characters to fit with modern times, but changing details for no reason is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t even like that Aunt May has black hair now because it’s not true to the source. However, I get that it’s a new Spider-Man saga and I know I’ll most likely enjoy this movie. I really liked the Sam Raimi movies though and I’m sad they’re not continuing that series.

  18. That’s a really elegant solution to the webs on the mask– the other day I was trying to figure out how the webs in the old Ditko and Romita comics worked, and they just plain didn’t.

  19. I like it. I like the blue fingers. They remind me of sport gloves and seem sleek and athletic. I like the lines they create. I also like the segmented spider. I don’t think the webs have to actually be web-shaped to suggest webs. I like this shade of blue. I like that the web patterns are kinda mix-matched and don’t line up so that it seems like maybe a teenager got his hands on some cool material and sewed it himself. I am nothing but excited about this suit and this movie. :)

  20. Can someone explain to me how a high-school science geek made this couture microfiber costume alone in his room without a fashion design degree, let alone sewing experience?

  21. Arutai: He can make that outfit because…er…spiders in folklore were spinners and seamstresses, hence Peter has spider-sewing powers!

  22. For the most part, I like it. I think there’s just a little too much blue; from some angles it looks like the costume is almost completely blue, and I think it’s supposed to be much more subdued than that. In response to Arutai’s comment: suspension of disbelief. Spider-man’s costume is almost impossible to make without the right time, skill, and materials, and yet he always manages to make it. Because it’s cool.

  23. Has anyone yet considered that (much like in the Ultimate comics) his costume may have originated in the ring. As in it was given to him by the manager who wanted him to be a permenant fixture hence its professional, high durability and iconic look? Thats my assumption though I dont care to much if Im wrong. If he can make web-shooters he can design highly-durable microfibre weave. Just not sure he could actually do the sewing part though.

  24. Arutai. If we are to believe that a high school science geek can invent a super fluid for his mechanical webshooters, they are not pushing too hard to say he could be a Tailor as well.

  25. You are right there is too much damn blue and it looks like it someone was just being lazy, I used to draw spiderman and I HATED drawing those damn webs but the after effect made me proud. But most importantly the back just looks gay, and spiderman has bigger eyes, its just is, and I REALLY hate that I gotta see it cuz i’m a spiderman fan but i hope they just dont make make everyone say , damn maybe we need tobey….. but the texture looks cool like nike made it or somethin, lol

  26. I REALLY hate that I gotta see it cuz i’m a spiderman fan

    You don’t, you know. You can actually not see it. I’ve done that with every X-Men movie since the second one and it’s worked out pretty well. (Though it sounds like First Class may have become watchable again, so I may yet see that one.) If you genuinely don’t like how a movie is shaping up, you really should not line up and give the people who made it your money. Otherwise they’ll keep doing that thing you hate.

  27. I personally like the new suit, although i did love the Raimi suit. The new design gives it a more Ben Reilly feel too it, im not sure if you guys are fans, but i am a fan of the Ben Reilly Spiderman suit. The texture is certainly something that we are not used to, but i think fans will like it once they see it in the film. I love that they are sticking to the comic book and using mechanical web shooters, even though i did like the idea of Raimi’s natural web. I also agree with some of you above saying a teenager couldn’t make a suit like this, but i think this new suit is much more believable to be made by a teen rather than Raimi’s suit. I really like the color blue they used for the suit, it really reminds me of the blue seen on the costume in the original Spiderman comics. The new spider logo is a little different than i had expected but i actually do like it, and think it looks good on this suit. I have mixed feelings about the yellow/gold eyes, But I think the size of the eyes are a good scale with the mask, so they might actually look cool in the movie. The new suit works well with the body type of Andrew Garfield, being tall and skinny, but he also has muscle definition; but not nearly as muscular as Tobey was. I know i will enjoy this film because beside the differences, It is still Spiderman and im sure everyone who has mixed feelings about it will end up loving it.

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