8 comments to “P:R Redesign: Lyndsey Raney’s Star Sapphire!”
  1. Ahhh. See! Now, if you told me that this was the standard uniform for a brigade of space-faring amazons who use purple light constructs to spread a message of love, then I would totally buy it!

    This is a great design. It’s simple, iconic, sexy, easy to reproduce and works as a great little throwback to the Silver Age’s fashion sense. The tiara is a great evolution of the characters original mask and I love the two-toned look of the leotard. I also applaud the choice to get rid of that collar: it was rather dated anyways.

    The one thing that throws me off is the white dot on the boots. They just look strange considering how streamlined everything else is. Overall, I love it!
    If I was the editor of DC, THIS would be Carol’s costume.

  2. This a very solid design. I feel like this Star Sapphire would fit in with the other colored lanterns much better than our current look. Also, I would feel less weird about reading GL next to wife in bed.

  3. I love the feel of warmth it gives. This is a group that could represent love! The cuddly art style may have something to do with that, but it definitely doesn’t have the garish look or plunging neckline of the original.

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