14 comments to “P:R Redesign: Joel Carroll’s Green Lanterns!”
  1. Hal is ok but Guy… AWESOME! love how he somewhat kept the haircut but with this new jacket he just looks so Star Trecky! ( for me that is good, given the whole space police thing)

  2. Liking the Guy Gardner, nice flow to the suit. It keeps most of his bulky elements and streamlines them, the belt especially work well. His emblem seems to just be there though, maybe could use some sort of emphasis around it. Also the emblem reminds me of an internet icon, I like the original better. Never understood why Guy didn’t wear a mask… Anyway, Hal looks like Hal only better. Nice work.

  3. Like the semi-updated version of Guy even though he has his bowl cut again LOL. I definitely like Hal’s and the Lantern Symbol looks like the one Kyle had for a bit. All in all decent stuff.

  4. I don’t like the cut in the color in Hal’s costume, but I think Guy’s neat. I like how it looks more like a superhero costume without loosing the “Guy Gardner” style

  5. THAT is what I’m talking about. A while back I commented on here about how easy it would be to fix Guy Gardner. Perfect. Hal I could take or leave. Probably leave, not old school enough.

  6. …and I still can’t believe Guy didn’t get a redesign for the DCNu. It’s a shambles. Shambles I tell you!

  7. The Guy Gardener costume is excellent. It evokes the classic (but hideous) jacket/turtleneck look, but is still very alien and very superhero-y. And the not-quite-bowl cut is great too. I’d love to see Joel tackle the whole Corps, honestly.

  8. Heck yeah, I ‘d love to see other lanterns in this of type of costume, so an Elsworlds one shot would be really cool!

  9. Guy’s logo would look better if it were larger than Hal’s. That’s a good rule-of-thumb for any Guy costume, though: his logo should be obnoxiously enormous so there’s no confusion as to whether or not he’s a Green Lantern. Guy’s the cop who wears his gun and badge on his belt even when he’s off-duty.

  10. I like these designs. I always love what Joel Carroll does to DC’s characters. Especially his Power Girl. I do think that this version of Guy Gardner looks slightly to feminine for his personality – specifically the shoulder sleeves and angular belt. However, it’s much better than what Guy has now…

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