Remembering Our “Captain America: Fighting Styles” Redesign Challenge

Note: With Captain America: The First Avengers hitting theatres today, we thought we’d highlight the fantastic redesigns we received when we did the Captain America: Fighting Styles redesign contest last fall. We had a number of notable entries including the winning piece by Daniel Heard seen below. Check out the winners and honorable mentions at those links. Thanks! – Chris A.

Daniel Heard

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11 comments to “Remembering Our “Captain America: Fighting Styles” Redesign Challenge”
  1. I like it but only with the coat. The shirt makes him look like a particularly muscular waiter at TGIFriday’s, especially from behind.

  2. Really wih all the images from the contests weren’t taken down. I can see the Cap one and the Aquaman one but I wanna re look at the others like Batman, Wolverine etc.

  3. Wonder if Daniel’s still got the files. Horizontal stripes might either make it too busy or too sailor.

    This is still one of the strongest and smartest redesigns on the site.

  4. this is by far, one of my favorite retellings of Cap’s aesthetic. so much in fact that it has been a secret project of mine (slow going, but nonetheless).

  5. Thanks for the l-u-v everybody.

    I would have gone horizontal, since a horizontal stripe is more believable, but I didn’t want to be accused of ripping off Stripesy. In retrospect that might’ve been preferable to chain restuarant waiters.

    Say what?

  6. Hands down my favourite PR contest winner ever. Ming’s Superman is a close second though.

  7. I’d just like to point out that the boots I had Cap in for my redesign are IDENTICAL to the recently revealed boots he’ll wear in The Avengers . Just sayin…

    Also I saw CA:TFA on Saturday and it f’ing rocks!

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