Colleen Doran’s Wonder Woman!

Note: Much has been said about Jim Lee’s 2010 redesign of Wonder Woman for the ill-fated run on the title by J. Michael Straczynski. But what we just learned today is that artist Colleen Doran had been tapped to do some alternate designs that ended up on the cutting room floor. Doran’s begun posting them this week, and they’re magnificent! Imagine what could have been! – Chris A.

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  1. All these Wonder Womans make me really hesitant to throw my “rebrand design” at P:R.

    Insecurities aside, the writers and editors of Wonder Woman books need to really consider adopting the Batman-meets-Barbie concept of costume design. The answer to Wonder Woman costumes is MORE Wonder Woman costumes!

  2. Thoe are interesting. I like the first one but the hanging belt is a bit long. The second one I really like but have always hated skirts on superheroes. If there was a way to mix the two looks I’d love it.

  3. I like the second one best. To me it has classic look, like the old illustrations of Columbia (personification), yet modern.

  4. :O Good Lord, these are wonderful! Your attention to detail in even the smallest parts of the costume like the tiara is brilliant. I absolutely love the art style too. Such a shame they went with the Jim Lee design, I still think the man is one of the worst costume designers out there.

  5. These are really lovely. Of the pencil sketches, I love the one on the left- it makes me wonder how coloring it would have made it look more WW. Of the color ones, I love the one on the left- ready for battle, but still feminine. (Now that is how you show skin without seeming naked)

  6. Wow… proof that it takes a woman artist’s sensibility to convey the full femininity of the amazon princess. It’s simply more fashion and beauty both in design and rendering… she looks divine.

  7. Very Big Barda-esque, which is not a bad thing at all in my opinion; maybe DC can repurpose them as new threads for Barda?

  8. Are you f-ing kidding me? DC could have gone with any of those, and instead they went with that blankety-blank-blank-stupid-dumb-ass jacket and hot pants?!?

    There is no justice in this world, I tell ya. No justice!

  9. *GASP* Oh man. So good. There is a wealth of great design in each, and every time I pick which one is my favorite a new detail pops up that changes my mind(look at the crossed wings bodice on the first BW drawing on the left).
    If I was DC’s Art Director, I would go with the braces and boots from the figure on the right, with the bodice and tiara from the left.
    You are amazing Colleen!

  10. Gorgeous. Particularly the color image on the right, what an elegant design. But not slick and edgy enough for DC, I guess.

  11. The first colored one gives me an Egyptian vibe for some reason. I do prefer the second version though.

  12. Those are rather wonderful, I have to say.

    And it’s REALLY nice to see an outfit that doesn’t look like her breasts are going to pop out…

  13. Oh these are gorgeous. They might not be as iconic or simple as Wonder Woman’s outfit normally is, but they sure are nice to look at. I’m particularly fond of the sketch on the far right. I think it would really suit Diana as something she’d wear casually on Themyscira. These drawings are just so beautiful.

  14. How could they not use this?! This is millions times better then that crap they went with. I continue to be upset with DC’s choices as of late. WW has a regal presence but still has that hard feel to it saying I will kick your ass dont cross me. These are great Colleen!

  15. Oh man, Colleen Doran on WW would have rocked! There’s so much good stuff going on in these designs, I can’t even begin to decide on a favorite!

  16. Nice redesigns though my first impression was more of a Wonder Woman’s cousin feel, not Wonder Woman herself so I can see why they went a different direction.
    Nice to know they’re giving some women a chance to design though.

  17. These are so much better than anything I’ve seen lately. I don’t know which one is my favorite, because they’re all wonderful! It’s really a shame Jim Lee’s design was chosen over any of Colleen’s.

  18. Am I the only one whose first thought was “ooooohhhhhh…pretty”? No thought, just sheer emotion. Then I started to think about it, and got mad that they didn’t choose either of those. And that Doran isn’t drawing Wonder Woman.

  19. They are lovely. Absolutely lovely. Outfits on the bottom right and left especially, with the outfit on the top left (or bottom middle) in third place and the one on the top right very close behind in fourth spot.

    I wonder if Darna was the inspiration for the design with the hanging belt; she sports a costume element a lot like it, I was reminded almost immediately. And am I right in thinking that skirt looks sheer in the design at the upper right?

  20. Everyone should understand this is for an abandoned fantasy take on WW, not the street vigilante take JMS chose later. Just sayin it wasn’t an either or situation.

  21. The one on the left evokes a warrior’s outfit, while the one on the right is much more regal and elegant. I agree with Daniel’s ideas of combining the costumes somehow and it would be simply perfect!

  22. Y’know, if they had gone with any of these designs, even with the weird star and short boots on the left-hand one, I would probably have been more apt to keep reading WW comics as I had been before the reboot. Then again, I have my issues with DC just chucking the fried gold that Gail Simone served up on her run out the window for a new continuity, but the terrible Jim Lee redesign only helps cement in my head that I won’t be able to return to consistently reading the title again (which hurts, real real bad) for a long time to come…

  23. I am really liking that first gold one. Something about it just works for me. If the star was a five-pointer and that long blue loin cloth thing was scaled back a bit it would be perfect. Bold & fresh, this could have been Wonder Woman’s “black Spiderman suit”

  24. I like the left one! Specialy here hairstyle and the tight golden chest armor. In my opinion the shoes could be a bit more like boots or something you can fight with, not to dance in a ballet. ;)

  25. I have no idea why Jim Lee is so popular. Nothing personal against him, but all his designs look like WildC.A.T.S. characters. It’s like he’s stuck in the 80’s. No – it’s like he’s trying to bring them back.

    Anyway, Ms. Doran’s designs are elegantly timeless and, unlike the current (and near-future) Wonder Woman costumes, these designs are iconic. If a superhero (especially one that is referred to was one of the Big Three) is not iconic, then it’s not much of a superhero.

    Kudos to Coleen!

  26. These images are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with us. Jim Lee should be put on blast for the way that he has disgraced Diana with her corset/black leather/choker/fetish gear. I love that Ms Doran has created a Wonder Woman who embraces the fact that she is a woman, and feminine as well as strong. The full colour on the right is gorgeous; Diana looks both an warrior and mythic at the same time. I would love to see the black and white pencils coloured. I love the idea of Diana having different looks she would wear since she is, after all, a princess. While I am looking forward to some of the changes being made at DC, the changes that have been made to my favourite character have been truly disappointing. Hopefully the powers that be at DC will see these designs, or some of the other great designs here on P:R, and wake up and smell their hubris!

  27. Wow! The second color piece is fantastic. I would love to a story with WW in that outfit. The pencil pieces on the left and right are also favorites. I love the elegant banded look on the leftmost one. Of all the designs though, the right bottom pencil image is the most accessible. This is a versatile design that could be rendered beautifully in all manner of art styles. Love it.

  28. I LOVE the one on the left, but I agree with Dedpool about the hanging belt being too long. My only suggestion would be to cover those bare legs with some pants. Both are REALLY lovely, though. I’ll be googling Ms. Doran shortly to see more of her work.

  29. I’m amazed that DC had another artist considered aside from Jim Lee. Colleen Doran’s designs look gorgeous, especially the second one. She definitely captured the essence of Wonder Woman flawlessly imo. Unfortunately, Dan Didio and the empty suits of DC/WB went with name recognition rather than someone who was more qualified.

    Mr. Q

  30. Chad: All these Wonder Womans make me really hesitant to throw my “rebrand design” at P:R.</P
    Do it! Wonder Woman redesigns are always fun to see!

  31. I really like these Wonder Woman designs. My favourite is the one on the top right, but they could always use all of them: the one on the lower left for ambassator duties, the one on the top left for training/more serious fights, and the one on the top right for everyday superhero stuff.

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