Sketchbook Saturday: Alessandro Micelli’s Sinister Six

Note: Italian artist Alessandro Micelli knocked us out of our chair/office/planet when we saw these dynamic redesigns of Spider-Man’s big bads as Roman gladiators. Click on the image to see a hi-rez version of this image, and stay tuned for more from Micelli here at P:R in the coming weeks. – Chris A.

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  1. These are fantastic! I love the gladiator-style, and Spidey’s enemies seem like the perfect characters to apply it to.

    I think Alessandro’s Venom is the weakest of all his “re-imaginings”. I like that he is a black man with what appears to be warpaint, but I think some of the black and white should be reversed, especially in the area around the eyes. Also, the fur on the legs doesn’t really fit the character very well. Without the spider, I don’t think I would’ve recognized him. Of course, Venom without a spider isn’t Venom at all.

    Doctor Octopus’s weapons are the perfect choice for this style, and the tentacles are pretty cool. The helmet is almost like an homage to his appearance in the animated series from the 90’s and I wonder if it was intentional.

    I feel like a huge hammer or battle ax would’ve been more appropriate for the Rhino, but he looks good with a spiked mace too.

    I really like Kraven’s lion fur here. I think this may actually work better on the Marvel Universe version than his usual lion vest. Nobody kills a lion and makes a vest out of it! Who does that? Kevin Sorbo? You wear that thing like a man! I don’t know how I feel about the lion fur/Centurion armor combo, but maybe Kraven and Venom need to swap outfits from the waist down.

    The Vulture is my favorite by far. His hair is amazing and fits the character so well that it might be one more thing to add to the list of features that would look better on the actual Marvel Universe characters. Maybe Marvel will take it into consideration when they reboot their entire line (shudders). The rest of his attire blends together very well to make a really menacing gladiator.

    More than anything else, I think I just like Scorpion’s stance. He just looks so sure of himself. It would be interesting to see him use that tail in battle, and probably pretty funny too, if you think about it realistically.

    Overall, Alessandro’s art style is really fun, and would be easy to make more radical characters believable in comics. These images are awesome, and I can’t wait to see what else this artist has in store for us.

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