9 comments to “Sketchbook Saturday: Kris Anka’s Lanterns”
  1. These are hands down the best Lantern costumes I’ve ever seen. Especially the Red Lantern. That mask and those gauntlets and everything else is just epic! I would for sure read their book.

    Also, pink. Wonder no more.

  2. so fresh,so cool,SO AWESOME!!
    i really like the “i’m cooler than you” facial expression of Yellow Lantern

  3. Fresh indeed! More than the costumes, it’s the Yellow Lantern’s attitude that makes me wanna know more… With these kinds of characters, I could get behind a GL Corps book…

  4. That visor is pretty damn cool, it’s a modification of the Kyle Rayner mask right?

    Also I’d like to add (as a casual fan of DC stuff) it seems there are Lanterns of too many colors now and when shown together it can be very reminiscent of the Power Rangers.

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