P:R Approved: Tim Seeley’s Teen Titans From DC Fifty-TOO!

Note: P:R Contributor (and contributing artist) Jon Morris has done it again with his new site DC Fifty-TOO! He’s enlisted 52 artists (and then some) to reimagine covers to DC’s upcoming line-wide relaunch. Yesterday’s image of the Teen Titans as re-envisioned by Tim Seeley was something else. What do you think? – Chris A.

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  1. these designs r a helluva lot better than most of the “imagey” stuff that 52 pick up’s been showing! Especially WonderGirl!!

  2. Now this redesign I could get behind. Love that he kept the fab five and you can tell who they are since their costumes are not so over-designed and alienating. My one nitpick is Wonder Girl’s costume. Looks too much of a ballet outfit imo but that’s just me.

    Great job on this cover, Tim.

    Mr. Q

  3. Overall this is pretty great.

    Wonder Girl, Aqua Lad and Kid Flash are very nice. Kid Flash- love the running shoes. What we can see of Speedy is spot on. At first glance I thought Aqua Lad was Beast Boy – looks good but I’d like to see his design a bit more too…does he have an insignia or anything? Those boots on Robin look awkward…as if he’s wearing his dads shoes, but I really like the brown as well as the goggles. Question about Robin’s face … was (young) C. Thomas Howell the inspiration?

    The one big flaw is that I just don’t see Robin as a spray painting vandal. Batman would not like that very much.

  4. Can I just say how much I Love this? I mean I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! All the cotumes work as clasic but updated. Wish I could see more of Speedy’s. Can we get more!!!!

  5. I love it. The only thing I’m not sure about is Robin’s boots (and his sudden love for graffiti). They seem clunky for an acrobat. I love Wonder Girl’s leggings. This design straddles the line between fanciful costuming and realistic practicality.

  6. Love some of the colour shifts towards warmer reds and greens; it’s very satisfying and subtly cohesive. And I would like to own Kid Flash’s boots.

    The one thing that bugs me is that sliver of flesh on Wonder Girl’s thigh- thigh highs are notoriously difficult to keep up, especially sans garter belts, so I’d almost rather the artist made a decision more in one way or the other- shorter leggings, or full-on pants. As it is now I just find it distracting, and I picture her constantly tugging at them to keep them up.


  7. I like these designs A LOT. I especially like Robin’s cloak which harkens back to the Robin Hood side of things.
    There are 3 things that bother me, though, but they’re technical and not related to the designs. They’re perspective issues. Wonder Girl’s feet are planted RIGHT next to Robin’s left foot and with their poses that would be pretty impossible…especially since she’s in that weird, semi-sexy pose. Why is she standing with her legs so close together and not more in a more casual stance like the fellas? The other is that Kid Flash’s butt doesn’t seem to be planted in the right spot. Again, these are technical issues and I’m probs a jerk for pointing them out. I’m totally a nice guy. I swear.

  8. For all we know that is the Titan Tower or even Robin’s Hangout, it’s not like Bruce Wayne has a building permit for the Batcave either… Also this guy does Parkour, rides bikes since he is 12, beats people up, carries shitloads of illegal weapons… and you are worried about graffiti? Twisted values someone…

  9. I honestly didn’t realize that was Aqualad for a while – I thought it was some weird zombie-clone version of Superboy. Must deduct points from my geek card, I guess.

  10. I actually like Robin’s boots — a great visual reference to Dick Grayson’s original Robin shoes. But I do think Wonder Girl should have pants — the iconic Donna Troy Wonder Girl outfit was plenty sexy with ’em.

    If the New 52 redesign looked like this I would be way more likely to pick up an issue.

  11. THEY ARE TEEN TITANS!young superheroes who love what teen agers love,not the bunch of eXXXXXXXXXtreme warriors from official DC.

  12. My first reaction on seeing this was “What the heck is Wondergirl doing?!” I guess odd sexual posing runs in the family.

    But setting that aside, these costume designs are cool and I especially like Robin’s costume.

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