P:R Approved: Nick Dragotta’s Miss America & In-Betweener from ‘Vengeance’

Note: It slipped under our radar during the initial announcement, but now that issues of Joe Casey & Nick Dragotta‘s Vengeance series are hitting shelves we wanted to spotlight two of the redesigns Dragotta did for the book. The redesigns of Marvel’s Miss America and The In-Betweener really do something for me. – Chris A.

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  1. That Miss America is smoking hot. I make no apologies for liking my heroines voluptuousness, because that’s how I like my women IRL! That being said maybe she could lose the thong straps. Oh, and blue lips for the win!

    The In-Betweener…. is he a tweenage version of Frank Gorshin (TVs Riddler) as the black/white alien in the original Star Trek? Creepy in a good way. But if he’s going I’d rather see that old tunic thing than skinny jeans though…

  2. I know nothing about the book, but I do think it’s funny that a superheroine who represents America looks like Wonder Woman if she were a prostitute. Hooker boots, g-string, and everything. I understand this sort of look is unfortunately the norm for women in comics, but one named for the United States? There’s just nothing classy about this at all. On the other hand, maybe that’s the point.

  3. I like the Miss America look, sexy and edgy, but still patriotic. In-Betweener looks interesting. How has he de-aged? Then again he’s cosmic so that said age aint nothing but a number.

  4. Miss America looks amazing. The In-betweener (never heard of him before, though neither did I of Miss America before this, lol) looks too much like Ulquiorra Cipher from Bleach for me, it will take a while for this design to sink in for me.

  5. Ren Malone:
    I know nothing about the book, but I do think it’s funny that a superheroine who represents America looks like Wonder Woman if she were a prostitute. Hooker boots, g-string, and everything. I understand this sort of look is unfortunately the norm for women in comics, but one named for the United States? There’s just nothing classy about this at all. On the other hand, maybe that’s the point.

    Immediately what I thought. The In-Betweener looks fine, but Miss America looks like she was pulled out of the “DC Revisits the ’90’s” playbook.

  6. The implausibility of Miss America’s costume is what gets me- I love the idea of the shield shirt, for instance, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s made of or what’s keeping it place… Or how it’s supporting her boobs in any way, shape or form. Any why she’s wearing pants that are probably showing off an inch and a half of ass crack in the back when she’s fighting. Presumably she wears this for more than just standing around.

    I mean, America Chavez is supposed to be a teenager, right? This woman looks like she’s in her mid-twenties, at least- there’s nothing about her or her costume that screams “youth” to me, especially in comparison to the undeniably teen-aged In-Betweener.


  7. Can we please talk about those boots with that top? It’s not just impractical and impossible, it’s gaudy (and not in a superhero way). It looks like she walked off a Thierry Mugler runway in his Mr. Pearl heavy-metal corset phase or right out of a Poison video. She’s not going to be kicking any ass in those boots and that top, she’s going to be falling out. Plus, who’s idea were the earrings and bangles? As a well-endowed on top black belt, I can pretty firmly say that I’d never let her spar in that getup; she’s a hazard to herself and others. I don’t care how many super powers she has.

    This would be a great costume for a superhero-themed, fashion -challenged sex worker/time traveller from the late 1980’s, but it flat out doesn’t work for an actual superhero.

    I don’t usually comment, but I had to weigh in on Miss America’s non-costume.

  8. Agreed, agreed, agreed. Enough with the pubis-skimming waistlines (not a big fan of those shoulder pads either, but). Extremely solid work otherwise, though – the blue lipstick is a brilliant touch.

  9. Wow, so she went from someone who could proudly fight side by side with Captain America for liberty and justice to some kind of Jersey Shore prostitute? Nice transition.

  10. Miss America’s is certainly one of the most implausible, impractical (perhaps even sexist) costumes I have seen. Certainly has a nineties feel to it…

    The Inbetweener (apart from having a name that unfortunately reminds of a rather crass and unfunny british comedy series) looks odd with the Bieber haircut. Apart from that, it’s a good design.

  11. Poor In-Betweener. Forever asked to animate or being called football fwend. Also, unfunny, Thomas?! Each to one’s own, I suppose.
    Ugh, enough of these stupid impractical costumes for women. I mean the heels and useless top are bad enough, but the gratuitous g-string is what really annoys me. I mean really, half her body is already on show, so why mindlessly ramp up the sex appeal like that?
    Also I vaguely remember someone on this site posting a link to a better done version of this costume, does anyone know where that went?

  12. In regards to the comments of how Miss America’s going to pull a Janet Jackson at the drop of a hat, I think I figured it out. Perhaps it’s some unwritten industry rule that all female characters have a superpower that ensures their breasts don’t pop out of their tops?

    At least, don’t pop out to the point the book would need a “Mature Audiences” label.

    Daniel Heard:
    And the In-Betweener’s got Bieber Fever (but then, don’t we all).

    I know I do! :P

  13. Thaat Miss America comtume is the stupidest thign I’ve ever seen. Not only is it impractical (her boobs would pop out, her pants would fall down, and her ankels would break simaltaniously), but it’s not even iconic or recognizable as a superhero costume. I can’t honestly believe anyone ever thought this was a good idea.

  14. Those boots would be hell to run in. Also, how can you get a balanced fighting stance in those? She’d be toppled over constantly.
    Those pants would fall down if she moved faster than a walk.
    Those pants will lead to some major yeast infections, especially if they’re leather/pleather and do you know how distracting it is trying to fight crime when your junk is burning? Because I do, and it is no picnic. Well, it’s like a picnic, if the picnic were overrun by fire ants!
    That top is so not supportive enough for boobs that size and she’s gonna get a sore back and also they will flop out if she does any kind of fighting. “Oh, hey Miss America. How did you get that black eye? Did a bad guy punch you?” “Nope. Caught myself in the face with my own nipples.”
    Those earrings are just asking to be ripped out (by a villain or just by getting caught in something on her way to catch a bad guy as she holds up her pants by hand).
    And she will die of a fatal wedgie long before any baddies get her because come on! Cotton panties: they breathe and they’re practical and you are here to fight crime Miss America. You can wear that on your days off and more power to you.

  15. Yeah, I’m not one to jump too eagerly on the “she looks like a stripper” bandwagon, but for serious. Miss America looks like an actual stripper. Literally. That’s not good.

    The In-Betweener looks like he stepped out of a music video. (I was thinking Hives rather than Bieber, but whatevs.) Maybe that’s the intended vibe? It’s better than Miss America’s outfit, that’s for sure.

  16. i’m in in love w/ Dragotta’s re-design for Miss America. While impractical as costumeto fight in , it’s an outfit I could imagine a smoking hot young Latina would wear to intimidate the opposite sex. Coming from a Latino community, I could totally see this esp/ w Casey’s characterization for the character so far in the series. Think J-Lo/ Sofia Vergara…. strong women who use their physical attributes to their advantage.

  17. You people make too much sense, thanks a lot for ruining it for me. I now officially no longer like this Miss America redesign, you convinced me. Gimme my dollar back.

  18. Okay… I actually like that the In-Betweener looks like some wierdo from a Gerard Way comic, like he’s this cosmic entity that would slump over a cup of cocoa in a hoity-toity cafe, all forlorned that it didn’t have marshmallows. Kinda like a Dexter’s Lab thing where he forgets that he’s all-powerful due to the idiot-making process of ego formation we call adolescence.

    Everyone’s already voiced almost all of my complaints about the Miss America costume and female costuming in superhero books in general. My question is this: What the hell is all that crap on her wrists? I get what they actually are, but… why? Why does she need a bandana wrist brace? How are those sillybandz not going to get in the way in a fight? What the dilly, yo? What the dilly indeed…

  19. I’m kinda speechless here. I’ve got some holes in my continuity but that’s the Inbetweener created by Chaos and Order to maintain balance in their universe? The same guy who battled the Silver Surfer and Galactus (and is the counter to Galactus from another dimension)? They same guy who manipulates entities such as Death? A Universal heavy hitter, on a multi-dimensional level, and he somehow looks like a punk earth kid who cries in the corner about how unfair life is? There’s got to be a reason, I suppose, but it’d better be supported by one heck of a plot.

    Miss America… well it does look like a 90’s throwback. No question. Can I see a character wearing that? Yeah, but I’d like to see a Miss America character with a little more substance.

  20. Miss America =Old Chola….in other words she represents the typical latina that I know and love…. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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