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  1. This is a great one, really! Beautifully drawn, too! But I think that beige elements of the suit would look better if they were done in some other colour, maybe even in a dark blue that is also used in this suit.

  2. Silly thought: the name Anka immediately made me envision Superman singing “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” to Lois Lane, perhaps while flying. I’m not making fun of the artist, just my own brain.

    Design Review Thought: The yellow on the waist seems unneeded. I might have made the yellow a bit darker, as well. Having the cape right next to the waist makes the reds sort of blend together and dilute the impact. All in all it’s a neat look, though.

  3. I really like it!
    The colours are great, the shapes are great, overall it’s great!
    I like the size of the cape. It looks like it could be worn in day-to-day situations.

    I do have a few problems with it a few elements though, namely the red and yellow on the hips. The kinda look like they’re there to act as a compromise between the “trunks” and “no trunks” camps. Perhaps I need to see this suit in another pose to see how the hips would work.

    I also think the blue collar adds a slight military look to him, which isn’t really in keeping with the character.

    I have to ask though, was Kris inspired by Cory Walker’s experiments with the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight?


  4. Perfect! I think this fixes a lot of the complaints about both the classic and DCNu Superman look. This should be adopted ASAP!

  5. Very nice! The shapes are very Kryptonian but it still looks fashionable and human. My only complaint is the yellow, shapes on the shoulders and hips, which really stand out and look like they would glow in the dark or something. I think the yellow should be left to the S shield, or the inside of the cape, or the belt.

  6. The overall design is great. It mirrors a lot of what works in the current redesign while eschewing the busy “lines for lines sake” that seems to be a hallmark of Lee’s stuff. The only real issue is the duotone blue. There’s not really a strong enough contrast between the two shades to set them apart visually in the context of tiny figures in comic book panels. They might work better with either (A) a border of some kind (black? red?) around the dark blue parts or (B) making the darker blue into black with dark blue highlights to increase the contrast.

    But overall, it looks very good.

  7. I’m interested to see how the yellow shoulder design continues onto the back, but I quite dig it.

    I think the high collar seems more regal in this look than military, and I’ve always felt that being the Last Son of Krypton made him a bit princely.

    The dark flourishes and hip design are a good compromise on the underwear dilemma. It’s a touch alien and futuristic so it works for his Man of Tomorrow persona too.

    Definitely smacks of authority, perhaps too much, but definitely preferable to the pointlessly armored DCnu costume.

  8. Overall, I think the design looks great, better than the current official redesign. It incorporates a lot of what works about the current redesign without all the “lines for lines’ sake” that seem to be a staple of some of the new DC costume designs. The only issue for me is the two-tone blue. I don’t think there’s enough contrast between the two shades for them to really pop when shown in the context of reduced images in comic book panels. I think adding either (A) borders (back? red?) around the darker blue to separate them more or (B) making the darker parts black with blue highlights would really increase the contrast and make them stand out more.

    Overall though, it looks very good.

  9. My first thought was “oh no, this is much too scary for Superman.” WHen I took a closer look, I realized that most of the scary came from the face and the pose, and this is actually a really nice Superman costume. The side panels are a good way of breaking up the costume without using the undies, and the integration of cape and symbol is a nice touch.
    (Plus, no kneepads! I’ll never understand why DCnU Superman had those. Did he steal the knees off Supergirl’s boots?)

  10. @Doctor: “Very nice! The shapes are very Kryptonian but it still looks fashionable and human.”

    I’d tend to agree but those are also shapes Anka uses in all of us designs and redesigns as well so I think it’s fair to say the Kryptonian thing is vaguely unintentional. I’ve processed them for awhile as kirby-esque in origin since he’s done a lot of Marvel character redesigns.

    I like his work a lot and his character selections but it’s becoming very fixed and stylized. I hope it’s not becoming a crutch for him because I think he’s insanely talented.

  11. I’m not crazy about this design for some reason, think it’s mostly because of the yellow…kind of looks like somethings clamped to his back. Also the red hip sections get lost in the cape on the right side and if the cape wasn’t blowing in the wind I think it’ll make for a strange looking body shape. It’s like most artist start off my asking “How can I get rid if the red trunks but still have red there.”

    We’ve seen every thing from red belts to weird shapes on the hips or groin area. The red “undies” work best, besides I never thought as the red trunks as a separate piece over leggings, rather just a different color of the pants all stitched together.

    Fantastically drawn though, and the cape is the perfect length…

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  13. I do like the yellow though. I keep thinking that Superman’s costume should feature a lot of yellow and shouldn’t have an S in the shield.
    The shoulders are very interesting.
    Other than the dark blue, I think the waist might need a little work–but it fits a little now.

  14. superbly drawn! i love the overall design but the darker blue patches would be better reduced and the yellow should’ve been lemon or chrome yellow.

  15. Although I’m not sure how I feel about a few of the minor details (yellow on the shoulders, high collar for ex.), I do think this is one of the better costume redesigns for Superman I’ve seen on this site, if not the best. It stays true enough to his original costume while also managing to modernize his look for today’s audience. It’s just a great balance between the two. Possibly a little over-complicated, but I think it’s hard to update the most basic, definitive superhero costume ever without making it seem too busy. Not to mention it looks like something Clark could actually pull off wearing under his clothes, which is a huge plus in my book. Another great job, Kris!

  16. I love this design. I love the contrast of the lighter and the darker blue, the chest Logo integrated into the cape, the placement of the yellow.
    I do however feel that the artist struggled with the “red briefs are bad” dogma, as we all do, as a generation. It’s like the elephant in the room. It’s always been there, and we want to get rid of it, and we want to keep it, but we don’t know how to do either.
    Awesome rendition though (as is usual from Mr Anka).

  17. Overall, awesome. There are some little things I don’t like, but it works well. The briefs are dealt with fairly well, in a way that looks fairly organic. The cape pattern is great, and integrates the symbol into the outfit well.
    My problems? Well, the yellow and blue need to be a brighter shade. Superman’s all about them primary colors. Also, the collar needs to be shortened about two inches. High-collar characters tend to be associated with military or status, while Superman’s a free agent raised in Kansas.
    Nonetheless, it does an almost perfect job of giving that humble majesty Superman excels at.

  18. I love this design, this is a great way to update Superman’s costume while still keeping it iconic as Superman. The only thing I’d change is get rid of the yellow and blue around the neck — just keep it red and have the collar a bit more low-cut.

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