P:R Approved: Joel Priddy’s “Liberty Belle #1” for DC Fifty-Too

Note: Jon Morris and the gang over at DC Fifty-Too have really been belting out some hits, and our own Joel Priddy recently stepped in with his rendition of DC’s heroine Liberty Belle. Eagle-eyed P:R readers will remember Joel did a redesign of Liberty Belle back in the early days of our site.  Now all that’s left for Joel to do is draw a Liberty Belle comic (hint, hint!) – Chris A.

9 comments to “P:R Approved: Joel Priddy’s “Liberty Belle #1” for DC Fifty-Too”
  1. Looks like Joel added the cap to his original design and it’s a nice touch. The boots have also changed from blue to khaki and they no longer match the gloves. Worked better blue IMO.

    Bur forget Liberty Belle…bring on Ma Hunkel! Big wrench? Chowderpot Murders? I’m in.

  2. Wher r her boobz?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist after visiting Joel’s blog. I like it and think more heroes need a jacket/symbol. It could be as iconic as Superman pulling off his shirt. Dunno about the lighter parts on her pants, but 99% it looks great. And I love the bonus Red Tornado feature in the bottom.

  3. This has been in my top ten Project Rooftop redesigns from jumpstreet.
    Superhero’s in [Ike] Jackets!
    Love the garrison cap addition and the now green boots. Terrific color work and a classic layout makes this the best of the Fifty-Too thus far (Jemma’s Klarion comes in a really close 2nd).

  4. I would read the hell out of this, and indeed, many others in the DC Fifty-Too range. And the addition of Ma Hunkel is a DEFINITE plus!

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