Fan-Art Friday: The New Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales!

Note: We’ve got a serious case of wall-crawlers on the brain. With the final results posted for our Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 posted, we’re hosting a Fan-Art Friday next Friday, September 23rd. Draw a piece of fan-art for the Sara Pichelli-designed new Ultimate Spider-Man and email it to us at No rules, just write — or draw, rather! Check out this piece our co-founder Dean Trippe did yesterday! – Chris A.

5 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: The New Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales!”
  1. I like this design but it really draws your attention to his eyes…and it has zero interest below the chest. I like how Sara dialed back the black and went with grey on grey here. Nice acrobatic pose, you can almost imagine he’s performing on a circus trapeze.

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