Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 First Place Winner!

Note: After over 150 entries and weeks of judging, Project: Rooftop is proud to present the winner of this summer’s Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 contest. I’d like to thank everyone who made this contest so successful: our iFanboy guest judges Ron, Conor and Josh; our sponsor, Flying Colors Comics & owner Joe Field; our regular contributors; and most importantly, the artists! Congrats to all of the honorable mentions and finalists… and now here’s the winner! – Chris Arrant

First Place Winner: Mike Dimayuga!

Mike Dimayuga

Total Score: 56 (Out of a possible 70 points)

Vito: 9. This is what I was talking about in Kris Anka’s design. The lack of a spider logo isn’t missed here in Mike’s because the web pattern serves as an identifier. The scarf is cool, but I can take it or leave it. The webs coming from the fingers is a huge addition, one that I wish Marvel would implement.

Josh: 8. Lose the scarf. But those web fingers? That’s some lateral thinking, and no one else in the group did anything like that. Again, the helmet is a nice touch, and while multiple eyes are hinted at, it’s subtle, and doesn’t gross me out.

Ron: 7. I kinda like the scarf. It keeps him warm and is swashbuckling in a 1920s pilot kind of style.  I too like the finger-web shooters, but I always dislike the bracelet/external webshooters.  Those should be hidden. Not a big fan of the multiple eyes but this does make it work, so I could warm up to it with this one.

Conor: 7.5. I LOVE the web fingers. Fantastic. I am of two minds on the scarf. On the one hand I’m a big fan of scarves. They are jaunty and keep you warm. On the other, it would probably get tangled up in the webbing and would be easy to yank on in battle. Again, the multiple eyes thing freaks me out, but I am willing to accept that that might just be me.

Jon: 8

Rachel: 7. I really like the general design of the bodysuit, but the red parts look more like brick than web. Bonus points for the tabi boots, which make a lot of sense for Spider-Man, since he’s all about the dexterity. Does the mask remind anyone else of one of the various Goblin iterations?

Chris A.: 9.5. Man oh man, does Mike D. draw for me or what? The cut of the suit, the vertical piping, even the buckle-less belt all add up to amazing. That helmet is amazing, but the scarf has to go.

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  1. webifngers: genious. truly!
    the overall design: lame. Nothing new, plus it’s very Japanese in a way… let’s not go towards “that” direction, please… :P Seen better ones in the honorable mentions-section. Ah well, tastes differ, that’s why the results will never be fair for everyone :)

  2. The web-fingers are brilliant. But where as their invention in this design seems to align with the spirit of the character and have a specific function, the scarf feels completely superfluous to me. It’s as if he’s trying to create a counter-balance for the bulky helmet.

  3. Now this is cool. It makes me think of a more serious Spider-Man, more ruthless ninja than talkative acrobat. The patterns on the armour subtly evoke a spider’s web, and are stylish as well as practical. The helmet is cool (very ninja) and I like the idea of the finger web (would those be mechanical or organic?). The only thing I don’t like is the scarf, honestly.
    Anyway, this was a magnificent contest. Congratulations to all who placed, especially the three winners!

  4. It’s Spider-ninja!!! He looks like Spidey crossed with the main character of the 2002 videogame remake “Shinobi.” Not necesarily a bad thing. I think if the scarf were blue or even red it’d work better though, The finger webs are cool but I don’t see that working to well, spinneretts on the fingertips? he wouldn’t be able to grab anything, now manipulating the webs with his fingers for better control I can see. External webshooters work for me (as they’re way to bulky to be hidden under the sleeves the way they are in the comics, they just disappear) but here I’m not feeling it. Great desing though. The ninja influence is sick! I agree that the web pattern needs to be tightend up just a bit, but I think that adding a spider-insignia where his belt buckle would be would work. Nothing elaborate just something like the one that is on his back normally.

  5. This reminds me a lot of a Kamen Rider design and I can’t tell if I like it for that or dislike it. It sure is slick however.

  6. OK. It doesn’t exactly make me leap out of my seat.

    Like the finger webs – very creepy looking. I think this is what has won this design 1st place.

    Also agree that you can tell it’s spider-man without the spider logo, which is an acheivement.

    But the scarf? No no no.

  7. Very cool. Has that dash of creepiness Spidey had when Ditko drew him. That mask/helmet is all kinds of badass and I love that it has a webbing pattern that wouldn’t be a pain in the ass to draw (as much as I love Miles Morales’ new look, I’m terrified of inverted webbing). I’ll never not want him to have finger webbing now. Even if it were in addition to the old-school webshooters, they just seem more useful for webbing things up. Personally I love the scarf and think it keeps the costume from being a little too intimidating. And I’d love to see some of the other Avengers giving him guff about it when he shows up wearing it.

    Thanks for being awesome Project Rooftop. Love these contests, please don’t make us wait as long for the next one. If anyone’s interested in seeing another look, hit up my blog, just posted my entry (not a radical departure, just a fun new look). http://diddlysketch.tumblr.com/

  8. This is fascinating. The lines are nice and the web fingers are a proper addition, feels correct, and Peter could probably rig it easily, cheaply. The simplified web regions work as well, and the color scheme is effective. I’m not a fan of the scarf, though it would help with movement and drama…it just feels extraneous. The Spidey 2099 costume achieved similar results in a different way. I don’t think the raised belt and silvery cuffs help the design, although perhaps practical, hurts an otherwise sleek silhouette. For me the helmet works least–not because of the eyes, but because in order to fit those three sets in, stacked and staggered as they are, the helmet couldn’t stay head-shaped, it would have to bow out and up at the forehead not unlike the Green Goblin’s helmet from the movies, albeit subdued. The shape becomes irregular and would catch light in an obtuse way, and would ultimately build a much bigger head, looking after all like a bobblehead. The eyes are a great design, but that’s all they are (as far as we know), and that renders them impractical for a high school student to create. Solid marks and lovely drawing, in any event.

  9. Wow… I’m a little torn.
    After some really inspired redesigns amongst the honorable mentions, I expected something really new and different.
    No disrespect meant towards Mike for what is, after all, an excellent drawing.
    I like the idea of the web-fingers… although they seem quite impractical, they say ‘organic webs’ to me rather than ‘artificial’, which is always something I like.
    Overall though it just feels very harsh and aggressive, almost menacing. I don’t see anything really ‘friendly’ or ‘neighborhood’ about it. Too much ninja (if that’s even possible).
    I really like the scarf as it offsets the ‘spikeyness’ of the costume just a bit.
    I think it’s a very good drawing with some interesting ideas. There is some departure from the original, but not much: what there is takes the costume design in a direction I myself wouldn’t have thought appropriate for the character.

    Anyway, well done to Mike and to all the artists who participated to the contest :)

  10. The web fingers look neat but I can’t imagine how they work or shoot anything but a big glob of webs. The suit looks good, and I think the feet and gloves could be incorporated into the 616 Spidey without anyone really noticing.

    That helmet, however? That ruins it. Spidey is one hero who absolutely shouldn’t have a big clunky helmet. Where does he carry it? I tend to think that Spider-Man is the only hero who actually wears his costume around under his civvies to swing into action at the drop of a hat(even Superman doesn’t always do that, what with his super-speed. But between the helmet, the funky web-shooters, and the scarf, I can’t imagine Peter ducking under a desk to throw this on.

  11. Let’s get this out of the way first – amazing art and amazing design. Amazing Spider-Man? I just don’t feel it. Why? For me it’s more in what he’s missing. Webs on suit – missing. Spider emblem – missing. Iconic eyes – missing. Just one of these missing elements would help establish this more as Spiderman because this does work as a pretty good design for a superhero. This says more ‘armored knight’ than ‘sleek ninja’ to me.

    The scarf is cool looking but not very practical, I could take it or leave it. And couldn’t the web-shooters be painted red to match the gauntlets?

    About those finger tip web shooters – they would work great for entangling an enemy but how would they work for swinging? If he shoots 5 web lines, which one would he grab? Unless maybe they don’t detach and he swings by his finger tips? If so, then he potentially would have 5 lines sticking at different places and at 5 different angles. If they do detach it seems like they would be beyond is grasp…

    Anywho, it was a great contest and congratulations to Mike and all the artists that made it on P:R who surly earned their scores – only 1/2 point separated 1st and 2nd place…a virtual artistic photo finish!

  12. Agree totally that the finger webshooters idea is inspired, although they would negate the sticking-to-walls-with-fingertips concept. You’d have to explain it that Spidey sticks to walls using the pads of his fingers and the webshooters are at the extreme tips, or some such.

    My entry didn’t get a nod, but if anyone’s interested in seeing yet another design, click my name to check it out at my blog.

  13. Very cool,i like it,as Deadpool sayd it looks like a mix between spiderman and shinobi but i think it’s great,expecially the body,mike dimayuga took the classic spiderman style and reinvented it,but keeping what makes spiderman easily recognizable.

    now just a critic to PROJECT ROOFTOP STAFF
    I wonder why unlike the past events you haven’t published the best unwinning entries but only the first 3 winners and the honorable mentions.i wish to see the other not classified drawings,choose MY winner is the most cool thing of your events for me.

  14. This is a great design, but not my favourite. It looks amazing, but it doesn’t feel like Spider-Man, and the web fingers seem extraordinarily impractical! Wrists rotate; fingers don’t. This guy would be losing digits at every street corner.

    I feel bad for Rosy Higgins, who lost by less than 2 points. She got one score of 2, which as low a score as anyone got in the contest, and it didn’t feel at all justified.

  15. It’s a cool design for a What If? Spider-man, like what if Bruce Wayne was bitten by a radioactive spider, but in no way is this Peter Parker. There is no “friendly” in this. Spider-Man isn’t and has never been a ninja, which isn’t to say he couldn’t be, but I don’t think that’s the point of Project Rooftop. I always thought it was redesigning the COSTUME, not the CHARACTER. The color scheme doesn’t work for me, and I don’t really see webs in those lines. I see The Shocker. The fingertip webshooters are a stroke of genius, if impractical; probably my favorite part of the design.

  16. I just remembered that the finger webs were already featured in Ultimate Spider-Man as one of Spider Woman’s powers, so not a wholly original concept, but cool nonetheless.

  17. At most this should’ve been 3rd place or an honorable mention. The web fingers are a good idea, but do not make up for the overall “meh” feeling of this design.

    The 2nd place winner should’ve been first, that design is much better than this one. Samir Barrett’s design is more striking and interesting than this as well.

  18. Impressing design, tough many solutions on runner up designs are awesome, the finger strings are a trumph for sure (why haven´t i tought it? XD)

    I just can´t wait for the next contest, by the way ;)

  19. Ditto what Itlas said, I’d like to see some runners-up and not-exactly-rooftops :D

    Also, if anyone is interested in my design, just click the link for my blog.

    @Jeff: I really like your design but I think you could have done even more with it.
    I like to think that the no re-imagining rule only applies to the power-set and personality of the character. That’s why I really like those entires that made some pretty drastic and imaginative changes, whilst still keeping it clear who the character is and what he can do.
    Anyway, I think yours is a solid design, definitely worthy of an honorable mention in my book :)

  20. Congrats Mike! Nice job! The web fingers are creepy and awesome! The helmut is a cool change too. Great design and art! Thx PR for another fantastic contest!

  21. No.
    Just: no.
    A scarf in web-swinging is purely suicidal. If it gets stuck anywhere, it would mean instant decapitation at the speed Spider-Man is going.
    Finger-webs? And how exactly does he hold ON to those? Spider-Man’s webs should come from the wrist so that he can grab them for the swing. If he’s swinging on a web-line made by his sticky fingers, he would have to swing on ONE finger! Even Spider-Man can’t do that.
    Of all the designs I’ve seen so far, this is one of the least thought-through.
    This is a big disappointment in Project: Rooftop.
    The higher the entries got, the less they were in terms of quality. Shame that.

    Freelancer, signing out.

  22. Isadora Duncan as Spiderman!

    The scarf, fluttering and white, seems to dare someone to grab it and use it to strangle him. It was a nice idea, but in use in a series it would draw attention to what would have to be seen as Peter’s Achilles’ neck.


  23. This is good for an honorable mention. It’s not only similar to Shinobi for Ps2, it’ s actually the same character, at least in the scarf/helmet design. And it can’t be a coincidence.
    It’s not a bad design at all, the web fingers are cool and i love ninjas, it’s just nothing new.
    For me Kris Anka and Daniel Heard were by far the best, maybe with Anjin Anhut, Victor Newman and Brett Howard.
    This website is amazing, keep up with the great work, and sorry for my bad english;)

  24. I’ve never disagreed with Project Rooftop’s decision as much as I have with this one.

    The helmet is incongruous with the rest of the design, which–from the design of the “belt” and the piping–looks as though it was pilfered from a storage locker in DC’s reboot.

    The placement of web spinners on the fingertips make even less sense–aesthetic and ergonomic–than the current wrist/back-of-hand placement, and also prevents Spider-Man to do his trademark web-shooting hand gestures.

    And the scarf: what is the point? It serves no purpose, other than to exist as something for villains to grab a hold of and to get strangled by.

    I have a tremendously difficult time believing that Peter Parker would have designed a costume like this.. isn’t the point of Project: Rooftop to imagine new costumes for existing characters, and not just about designing costumes that look cool but are otherwise frivolous?

  25. You might be right, Thomas; as I mentioned, to my mind, if the design didn’t feel as if it were something the Peter Parker we know and love would wear, it’s just not Spidey to me. That said, I think some of the designs that depart more radically from the original than mine, like Rudy Jordan’s, feel very much like Peter Parker.

  26. Looks to me like a revision of the japanese spiderman of the 70’s. In fact that scarf is really viewtiful joe-ish. Just looks so much like a great 70’s manga spiderman. It’s a really fun design. But of course I see where it might not go over well with everyone. A scarf on an american superhero is not a common thing, and it’s clearly very ninja inspired.

    Personally I think it’s great, and I think the scarf needs to stay. Plus anyone trying to argue practicality for a comic book hero needs to understand that comic books almost never follow practicality.

  27. Looks like my comment from this morning was lost in the interwebs….webs…Spider-man…Anyway if the other post shows up, forgive the redundancies (mods, feel free to delete the other if it was just overlooked).

    I really dig the winner. The helmet’s kinda awesome. I wonder where he’ll stash it in his street clothes, but I don’t like getting hung on details like that, its comics! Its a much more purposeful design and reminds me of the kind of one-off suit Spidey would come up with for a very specific threat (Electro Suit Spidey for instance). I love the finger webbing. I think it’d be a great visual when he’s webbing up bad guys and whatnot.

    Enjoy seeing everyone else’s looks. If anyone wants to see another take, here’s mine:

    Hope we have a new contest up soon. I really enjoy working on these and they get me drawing like mad.

  28. Web fingers? I’m all for saying its an original out of the box idea. But, I don’t so how that would work for spidey ..on paper it looks fine but I don’t see it working with out him looking ridiculous swinging. ..and the helmet looks awesome, but not Spider-Man awesome.

    Don’t get me wrong I really like it! I’m just VERY surprised that it won first place out of all those fantastical honorable mentions.

  29. I hate to be the proverbial turd in the punchbowl here, but I don’t quite get this design.
    With ALL due respect to Mike Dimayuga (it’s a great design and great art)– it just doesn’t scream Spider-Man to me.
    What everyone seems to be automatically registering as ‘webbing’ here I’m seeing as segmented armor. And if I didn’t already know it was Spidey (save for the finger webs), I’d have no idea WHO this was. He seems closer to a new-fangled Hand ninja, or maybe even The Shocker– but somehow, I just don’t see Spider-Man.

  30. I gotta be honest, checking out Jeremy and Jeff’s respective entries, I’m a little sad they weren’t included – they’re fun and in-character, if for completely different reasons. :-)

  31. Second place (Brett Howard) should have won in my opinion.

    The judges all the way through kept talking about not having multiple eyes on costumes and other factors and this design breaks a bunch of those. For me it totally ruins the Spider-Man feel and spirit. After all the great lead up for days seeing the runner-ups, I found this really disappointing.

    I thought this contest was redesigning the COSTUME and not the CHARACTER. The second place one did that very effectively. I look at this and I don’t even know this character at all.

  32. I See why the scarf is there, it’s great for showing movement, and Spidey’s all about that.

    It’s also totally ninja.


    The fingertip web shooters are awesome. Way to think outside the panel.

  33. hey guys,
    i just wanted to say thanks to project:rooftop and the judges! whew! i may have won, but it seems like i just did by the skin of my teeth (by 0.5 points!). i want to acknowledge all the other entrants, many of whom are staggeringly, awesomely good. especially brett howard and rosy higgins. their designs are on fire! i would have been extremely happy with an honorable mention, so you can imagine how ridiculously delirious i am right now. thank you.

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