Fan-Art Friday: Ultimate Spider-Man

Note: As promised, today we turn our attention to the all-new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales! Take a look at the variety of fan-art sent in to P:R HQ… and feel free to post your own in the comments! – Chris A.

Brandon Sparks

Paul Lavallee

Paul Bonzulac

Mike Maihack

Mike Boarts


Eric Ways

Dean Trippe

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  1. Nice stuff. Especially the ones that seem to evoke Mile’s age, height, and build and not Peter or 616 peter. Miles is 13 and I think even shorter than Ultimate Peter was. But all around good stuff.

  2. wow these are all really fantastic! makes me think i should have spent more than an hour on mine. i especially like Mike Maihack’s piece, its fun and simple and the red really stands out against the black and white.

  3. Oh my! I’ve really been enjoying the PR site for a while and feel honored and excited that I not only got my peice on the site for FAF, but that it gets to be in with all these other great pics! Kudos everyone! :D

  4. It’s funny to see how many people prefer a bluer costume rather than a black and red one as originally designed by Sarah Pichelli.

    Talking about the art, I love Dean Trippe and Mike Maihack’s pictures. Both of them have so much energy and at the same time a perfect balance. And then, there’s the one by Mike Boarts who is the one I think has drawn a real 13 years old Spider-man. Anyway, great pictures by everybody!

  5. I’m sorry, who are the two Spider-Men to the left in JSM!’s picture? The one in silver & black and the one with glowy eyes?

  6. There’s some amazing work here. Dean Trippe’s brought me here, but Mike Maihack’s piece is WONDERFUL! As has been said above, it’s really warming me up to the costume. But is it weird that a costume that’s almost entirely a black body suit below the sternum seem… incomplete? I wish they’d given him some red webbing boots or even a belt or something. Am I alone on that?

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