P:R Redesign: Roger Cruz’s Elektra!

Note: It’s not just up-and-coming artists who have a penchant for giving their favorite super-heroes a new look… it’s also some comics veterans! Artist Roger Cruz has been working in comics for almost twenty years, drawing some of your favorite comics — and this design today is one he did of Elektra as part of a pitch for a project that (unfortunately) never saw the light of day. After Psylocke stole her wardrobe in the mid-90s, she’s been dying to get a new look — and this looks tailor-made! – Chris A.

12 comments to “P:R Redesign: Roger Cruz’s Elektra!”
  1. I like it alot! EVen though it looks alot like the look both Misty Knight and Colleen Wing have beens sporting. I really like the bottom pic, with the armor on the shoulder. Give her the trademark long hair and I’m down for this.

  2. I like this redesign, the shorter hair makes sense and looks great – a nice departure from her usual look. Wondering if those gloves are bare palmed or not, what was the thinking there if so? I think this would benefit from having Elektra’s trademark do-rag. To me, it’s her trademark. If it were included there would be no doubt of who this is even in the black version.

  3. That top is definitely iffy, but I’m willing to forgive a multitude of sins when a female character ISN’T wearing high heels. Which is… sad, really.

  4. I like it. I always felt though that she should have a more functional belt or back strap get-up to hold her sais when they aren’t in use. I like the boots and the hair braid is cool. The do-rag would have been a nice throwback though. Need to dust off my Elektra Assassin again.

  5. Love the attitude, stance and body built. The idea of exaggerated Sai also floats my boat. The costume… not so much. Electra’s head piece is iconic, replacing it turns her more bland. The hair being shorter or laced (maybe both) would work great with the bandanna too. The rest is too common to be a real costume, smexy practical can be a lot more iconic.

  6. I like this design, does not look greek though, looks more hispanic/tejano. Would be a good design for Ultimate Elektra, have they had her outside of the team-up book?

  7. The hairbands in the 3rd picture won’t hold, unless we’re in a manga universe. The rest is – unspectacular, but of course way better than the movie “costume”.
    Still – I wouldn’t mind this costume, but can live without it.

  8. Would fit right at home in the max line esp. I can even see Aaron’s take on Elektra wearing something like this. Any idea what the proposal was about?

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