10 comments to “P:R Redesign: Val Kung’s Stephanie Brown Robin!”
  1. Nice picture bit pretty close to the Robin from the animated series, outside of the moon boots and pointed shoulder pads/cape combination that give her a “galactic overlord” feel.

    The red underwear with black leggings are a combo I haven’t seen before on Robin and it works pretty well here – very 80’s aerobic, I’m having “The 20 Minute Workout” flashbacks. Showtime was a strange channel back then…

  2. This is awesome. Personally, Steph is the Robin I want to read about, so this thrills me. I think her addition to the cast of Robins would have made for a different and intriguing dynamic, but it was cut way too short for my tastes.

    Oh well. This brings we back in an awesome way. the only thing I find myself missing is a hood. I liked the idea of a Spoiler hood added to a Robin costume.

    I’m officially rambling.

  3. I am not digging the boots. They’re just a little too clunky in comparison with the rest of the costume. Everything else is fine, and I love the way Val drew her hair pulled back under the hairband. On a personal note, I have never understood the obsession with the Stephanie Brown character.

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