11 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Ultimate Spider-Man, Part 2”
  1. Doh, now I wish I’d finished mine. After drawing this suit and finally finding a copy of USM #1, the suit’s really grown on me. I wish it had something going on below the chest though.

    Loving the style and energy in Dev’s. The almost noir-ish look to Dane’s is also really cool. I imagine he’s having some Max Payne-esque inner monologue at the moment.

  2. I agree with Jeremy….Dev’s pic is kinetic, and I think Dane killed it, nice quiet moment for Spidey…besides, who doesn’t love the Chrysler building, right?


  3. How does one get featured on this website? I see tons of awesome work and redesigns. Do you submit a website? I would love to be featured (and honored)!

  4. I love all the fan art, and I’m loving the comic: I think it’s brilliant that Miles is so young he has no idea how to deal with this, and we get to see his personality develop along with his understanding how to be a superhero.

    I’d also like to mention that my entry got better (see website). I mean, I think it did.

  5. Seriously, that’s really REALLY awesome that you guys made a special effort to include us latecomers. I’ve been loving the website for awhile and to actually have something posted- is something very special for me. I must say though, that when the opportunity came up, I stepped to the plate… and bunted. This is me throwing down the gauntlet. There will be more to come and I will improve. The encouragement fostered by you guys taking the time to post our stuff is immeasurable. Sincerely, thank you and I’ll be seeing you soon. -B

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