P:R Regulars: Maris Wicks!

Note:Imagination is a key part of making a redesign work — and some of our regular contributors have that in spades. Artist Maris Wicks has participated in several of our contests and even a few standalone entries, and she always brings an inventive spirit that’s unafraid to take some chances. This one-time Marvel zombie considers her the Fred Hembeck of the P:R HQ, and looks forward to seeing more from her. – Chris A.

Wonder Woman



Dick Grayson as Batman

Black Canary


9 comments to “P:R Regulars: Maris Wicks!”
  1. So awesome. While most of these are impossibly cute and lovable, I don’t really see most of them as designs, except the Batman one. That’s actually a great costume as well as a great drawing!

  2. I am such a huge fan of cowboys and park rangers, so Maris’ redesigns have always held a place in my heart. She has such a smart, simple line, and it makes for designs that really stand out from the crowd. <3


  3. When are we going to get “Wonder Woman On The Range” as a comic? It’s been like 4 years! Get it together DC. New 52 my behind!

  4. I love Maris’ work! It’s so clean and simple and fun! Look at that Aquaman and honestly tell me you don’t wanna hear about his day at the Gotham Aquarium!

  5. The Aquaman will always make me smile simply because I remember the bonus sketch. “I finally have a porpois!” indeed

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