P:R Approved: Joe Quinones’ Poison Ivy!

Note: P:R Regular Joe Quinones has become a regular as well over at DC Comics, first with the Green Lantern strip inside Wednesday Comics and now with a pair of unannounced projects. The artwork below is a redesign of Poison Ivy Quinones completed for an upcoming Batman short. Click on the images for larger versions, and pay special attention to how Joe determined specific kinds of leaves to use for this villainess. – Chris A.

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  1. Goodness, I love the way he draws ladies. I like that he’s revisiting Bruce Timm’s Ivy as a jumping off point, but then making it entirely his own. I mean, my god, boobs with shape and weight and plausibility to them? Love it. :D


  2. Wow. Love everything about this. If Pamela Isely was a real woman obsessed with plants, I bet she’d make a costume like this and not always opt for just green leotards or “chastity” leaves here and there. Nice job! I like that Ivy’s taken on a few more dimensions with the well-designed gauntlets and hooded cape. Those booties are spectacular. A bit Elvish, but I like them.

  3. Speaking from, er, rather unfortunately personal experience . . . she’d better not raise her arms, unless she wants to flash her breasts at the world.

    (No, I didn’t actually flash people. But only because I realized the danger in time.)

    I do like the look of the top, with the layered leaves. It just needs some adjustment in the cup area to avoid Guaranteed Wardrobe Malfunction, is all.

  4. Nice idea overall with the wrap around leaves, but I’m not buying those shoes, somehow they just don’t work. Maybe some hiking type boots would root her (get it?) in the real world a bit. Also, the lines on the body suit and placement of that smaller leaf really draw my eye to the “baby making area.”

    I always thought a fun little angle to Ivy would be making her an anti-vegan, meaning she only eats animal products in protest of “plant cruelty”

    The final drawing has a great feel to it, she looks like a biologically realistic woman. But I somehow get the munchies looking at her, get me some ranch dressing.

  5. Fun stuff, beautifully drawn. My personal favorite is the asymmetrical number with the maple leaves. The shoes seemed odd at first glance, but then they, ah, grew on me.

  6. When I go beyond the Honourable mentions for the Spiderman contest in the archives, the comment box disappears. There’s a red link at the top of the commetns that says “leave a comment”, but clicking it just takes me to the same page, with no way to leave a comment. I browse using Interent Explorer, so maybe it works on different browsers.

  7. the shoes don’t work… looks like her feet are wrapped southeast Asian mixed rice… i kinda pictured her barefoot… gives a more “natural” vibe to it…

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