P:R Redesign : Michelle Sciuto’s Harley Quinns!

Note: If DC’s New 52 has done anything for costume design, it’s tasked fan artists to imagine what else is in those characters’ wardrobe closets. These designs by Michelle Sciuto take the clown princess of Gotham Harley Quinn and make her everything from belle of the ball to beachball throwing villainess. – Chris A.

7 comments on “P:R Redesign : Michelle Sciuto’s Harley Quinns!
  1. Absolutely stunning. Harley looks drop dead gorgeous in each of these outfits. They definitely bring out her playful yet devilish side. Its hard for me to choose a favorite in this line-up since they all look fabulous. ^_^ Bravo, Michelle, and thank you!

    Mr. Q

  2. I’m not sure if the hoodie, boot combo in the first pic is that great for her acrobatic style. In fact, if you made that one into a 2 piece outfit, it could be a more casual outfit for her. The second one is the standout one for me, it’s ferociously cute.

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