P:R Regular: Joe Quinones!

Note: One of our most popular P:R Regulars in quite some time is artist Joe Quinones. Fresh out of college, Quinones began wowing us here at P:R before he caught the eye of Marvel and DC. Joe has placed high in a number of our contests, and won our spectacular Wonder Woman: Wardrobe War contest a few years back. Thanks, Joe! – Chris A.

7 comments to “P:R Regular: Joe Quinones!”
  1. One of my favourite contributors to this site. Your designs are creative, witty (note the strategically placed bat symbol in Vampirella’s costume, and I love how patriotic Wolverine’s costume is) and above all, beautifully drawn. You totally deserved the Wonder Woman win!

  2. I do like that Wolverine.
    The Batman is my favorite though, it reminds me of sort of what it would have looked like if the Earth-2 Dick Grayson had taken up the mantle of Batman . What I’m saying is I now totally want to read that series.
    The Superman’s nice too.

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