P:R Redesign: Aaron Diaz’s Batman & Family

Note: Two Batman posts in one week? That’s only a problem if you don’t like great art, as Aaron Diaz comes back once again and takes on DC’s Dark Knight and his extended. As always, Diaz things more than just about the visual look but also susses our story ideas if he were given the chance to work on the character. – Chris A.

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  1. This is one of the better Batman redesigns I’ve seen in a while! I really like the shape of the mask/ears, and the idea of Robin as a sniper is perfect. And I always wondered why Batman didn’t use voice-distortion instead of just growling.

  2. This is great. Just from these few pictures, I think Diaz’ got a new and different take on Batman. Wish the powers that be would let him take the character on. The face on Wayne speaks volumes.

  3. Random plot: Batman accidentally tasers someone to death when it turns out the goon he was punching had a heart condition. He is wracked with guilt and spends three issues moping about it. Robin takes over the crime-fighting duties.

  4. I like the more realistic bat ears but the addition of bat teeth would really drive it home. Wish we could see more details in the actual body suits. Great idea with the roles each play in fighting crime.

    Isn’t it a given the Bruce is batstuff crazy and has too much money? Robin reminds me of a Jawa.

  5. This is what Bruce Wayne REALLY had in mind. Much more thought out and much more creepy. I love the medieval-ninja attitudes. I want to see an animated version of this!

  6. Been staring at that for weeks, love the design. It actually got me going on a new custom Batman that didn’t end up looking a thing like that. Love the revamped one posted above, too.

  7. I prefer these to the added links in the comments. I think not showing the mouth is a nice departure and I love the solid black one piece vs. the two-tone bodysuit and half mask at the links.

  8. Just so you know, I’m completely using the older/bonkers Bruce for a fan-fiction. The rest I leave, but the older insane guy angle is kinda interesting.

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