9 comments to “P:R Approved: Ron Salas’ Green Lantern for DC Fifty-Too!”
  1. Really loving the chest / neck / shoulder details, but the pants and no gloves makes it feel unfinished and not alien enough.

  2. Conceptually, I’m all for the arm logos. The more the Green Lantern Corps actually look like, and act like, superhero space-cops the better, in my book.

  3. Sooooo much to like here. I even groove on the masthead logo! I miss the gloves, but the collar looks official without being uncomfortable. The pants could integrate better with the top, but the top looks so awesome to me that I’ll forgive it. And since it’s a cover, maybe he’s just changing into uniform anyway!

    Also, I totally agree with Ben. The superhero space-cop look should definitely inform the uniform all the way.

  4. This just makes him look like a biker or something.

    The GL movie may have been awful, but the costume design was clever and original. An outfit made of light should look like it, not like fabric.

  5. get rid of the redundant shoulder patch and bring back the white gloves and you might have a pretty nice design, kinda hard to tell what’s going on with the pants and boots.

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