P:R Approved: Sophie Campbell’s Glory!

Note: We here at P:R HQ were genuinely giddy when it was announced that Sophie Campbell and Joe Keatinge were reviving the 90s Rob Liefeld character/series Glory for Image’s upcoming Extreme revival. As a long-time friend-of-the-site (and good artist to boot), Sophie is full of ideas on different directions to take characters and this upcoming project of hers is no different. Sohpie provided us some exclusive sketches as she planned out Glory’s look in advance of its early 2012 debut. – Chris A.

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  1. This is exactly what a reboot / revival should be; fresh, new, and totally different, while reminiscent of and respectful to the original. I’m so happy to see Glory’s bustline and abdomen are of more realistic proportions, not to mention her spinal column isn’t contorted into oblivion. Nice, subtle “Kirbyesque” feel to the look, too.

  2. Love all this sketches , especially the hair style one’s. Love Ross Campbell’s art and the suit is fun albeit complex. One thing i don’t like is: Thunder. Thunder…Thundercats! NOOoooOOO!

    Put that sword in a boot and i’m happy.

  3. This is exactly in the spirit of Alan Moore’s Supreme run. Take an analog throwaway of an iconic character and tell all the Wonder Woman stories you can’t tell with that character. As a non-ironic Liefeld fan and a Ross Campbell fan as well this is like Mind Blowingly Awesome! It’s almost like a match made in hell, but it’ll be heaven to pick up every issue. :D

  4. Oh man, I’ve always loved Ross Campbell’s style, especially the way he draws female characters. Looking through the design sketches I wasn’t entirely interested in this, but when I hit those finished pieces with all the monster bits and gore… I’m ready for this.

  5. I like that it’s kind of from the “Flex Mentallo” school of superhero designs, in that she has the sexy boo-tay shorts, plus Boots of Crushenation. I like the visual idea of a hero having full access to their libido, however it manifests (for instance, Flex himself in a leopard prind banana hammock, juggling his pecs to save the world).

  6. I have to admit, Glory was a character I always hated. Aside from the boring, uninspired design, the character herself was merely there to fill in a niche in classic superhero mythology; that of the premiere Superheroine. She was basically an attempt to create the Wonder Woman of the 90’s and didn’t really bring anything new to the table in that respect.

    What Ross’ design and artwork does however change all of that. This is a Glory I WANT to read about! Equal parts Jack Kirby, Conan the Cimmerian, Heavy Metal Magazine, Ross revitalises the character, practically re-inventing her, in such a manner that she seems almost new again. This is a design that stands well above its predecessors and shows us just why Ross is respected so much.

    I wish him and Joe Keatinge luck and success. I’ll be sure to get myself a copy.

  7. I never really followed the Image heroes let alone Rob Liefeld’s creations. I wasn’t even certain about his revival of his characters/comic brand. That said, Ross Campbell’s designs inspire much confidence in the revamp of Glory. She no longer looks like a Wonder Woman knockoff. Her new armor and physical appearance make her totally unique. I like how she’s more muscular, battle scarred warrior than just a flawless, slim and trim model in tights. Glory definitely looks like she’s come to chew bubblegum and kick @$$ and she’s all out of bubblegum. =D

    Mr. Q

  8. Ross Campbell is a beast. I’d like to see his take on Wonder Woman. Glory is Liefeld’s take on Wonder Woman and this shows it.

  9. Fantastic. A warrior woman you can believe in that doesn’t go short on either the sexiness or utility. I like the way the cover to 23 has shown the finicky removed in favor of larger bolder shapes.

    Between this and the Brandon Graham/Simon Roy reimagining of Prophet I am genuinely excited for the Extreme relaunch. I NEVER thought I would be, but I am.

  10. While DC goes and captures the worse of 90’s Image, often exemplified by Extreme, Extreme suddenly comes back in full on indie brilliance! I’m both confused and excited.

  11. I like one of the designs above. However, the one we see the most of, due to the textures and colors, make me think she killed Iron Man and is wearing his armor as a trophy.

  12. Ross — thanks for chiming in. I spoke up mostly because I’d like the powers that be to believe there are those of us out in the reading public who WOULD prefer to see women in actual pants, and the only way I can help make that happen is to toss my two cents into the ring.

  13. Marie: sure thing! i totally know what you mean, i appreciate you chiming in. i’m doing what i can behind the scenes and hopefully we’ll see Glory in pants eventually. ;)

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